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Tannen image small"O, Tannenbaum!” The History of the Christmas Tree in Tidewater ... Every year, residents of York County gather together to watch the annual lighting of Yorktown’s Christmas Tree. But what is the origin of the Christmas Tree and how did it come to the Tidewater? This week, we will examine what is probably one of the most recognizable icons of Christmas. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
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GIW image smallGrand Illumination Lights Up Williamsburg ... During colonial times events that were especially noteworthy were celebrated by, what came to be known as, "illuminations”.. fireworks and the firing of guns and cannons. This tradition was revived in 1934 to celebrate the restoration of Colonial Williamsburg. In the beginning the celebration consisted of little more than the displaying of candles in the windows of the restored buildings. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Bush41 image DodgeFT image smallClassic Dodge Fire Truck at Christmas Market on Main ... The York County "Project 55 " restored 1955 Dodge Fire Truck is pictured along side Yorktown residents George and Linda Bennett's 1949 Daimler DB 18 car during the Christmas Parade at the Christmas market on Main Street in the Yorktown Historic District. The Bennett's Daimler joined George Mccaulley's 1955 Buick Special and John Wyatt's 1950 Ford F1 Truck for the enjoyment of the droves of shoppers. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
FI 6dec18 smallFishing News | Tide Chart ... We went out looking for some triggerfish yesterday. We had a nice catch of triggers and we kept a five-man limit of sea bass. Nice day of wreck fishing. Back at the dock, one of our dock mates had been a bit east of us dropping for swordfish. They had 3 bites, catching one sword. A bit east of them a handful of boats experienced a fairly epic bigeye tuna bite. (Read the Article) (Get the Tide Chart) (Have a Comment?)
Local Schools Announce Student Honors ... This week we publish the Grafton Bethel Elementary School First Quarter All A's and AB Honor Rolls; the Magruder Elementary School First Quarter All A's and AB Honor Rolls and the Mt. Vernon Elementary School First Quarter All A's and AB Honor Rolls. (See Page 4, December 6, 2018 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
CRelief imageLocal Service Member Seeking Help for California Relief Efforts ... The wildfires in California this past month were absolutely devastating. One local service member has set out to do what he can to help. For Justin Bermender, it’s more than just to help out a community almost 3,000 miles away… it, literally, hits close to home. He used to live in Chico, California and he has family that lives in Redding. (See Page 5, December 6, 2018 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
YLBP imageYorktown Lighted Boat Parade Winners ... Our information is courtesy of John Hamilton and the photos were taken by Rick Hopson and courtesy of Visit Yorktown. Moon Shadow won Best in Show; second place went to Southern Rock; and third place went to the Yorktown Emergency Response Boat. It was a great evening ... hope you were there for the festivities. (See Page 5, December 6, 2018 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
WHall imageDreaming of a "White Hall” Christmas in Gloucester ... This year the Ware River Circle of the Kings Daughters and Sons, with the help of the Chesapeake Bay, North River and York River Circles will celebrate our 29th annaul Christmas Open House at "White Hall” on December 11, 2018. Proceeds will benefit the construction of the new mental health wing of the CHKD. (See Page 5, December 6, 2018 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
MemoryT imagePoquoson Garden Club Memory Tree Listing ... The 2018 Memory Tree Lighting was held on Saturday evening, December 1, 2018 at Wells Fargo Bank, on the corners of Wythe Creek Road and Victory Blvd. Area residents dedicated lights in memory of friends and loved ones who gave love, nourishing care, and who had great influences in their lives. These names are posted on a display in City Hall. Our hearts and prayers are with our soldiers. (See Page 10, December 6, 2018 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Holiday Quiz ... The gently falling leaves of November have given way to crackling fireplaces and determined dreams of a new year. So why not grab a warm mug of frothy cocoa and those snuggly slippers and take another fun yet educational YTCPP quiz by JFH. (See Page 16, December 6, 2018 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Capital square smallWill Virginians Have An Additional January Sticker Shock? ... If the first House or Senate Finance Committee meeting you ever attend is the first one of a General Assembly session and you see the members quickly and unanimously report a bill that seems otherwise complex and without much discussion, you might think those committees have it very easy. Either that or they are trying to sneak something by the public. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)

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