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Jane2 image smallHistorical Profile: Who Was Jane? (Part 2) ... The winter of 1609-1610 was met with savage cruelty to the Jamestown Colony settlers. The odds were not in favor of the colonists. After the arrival of additional colonists in August 1609 (without extra supplies), the settlers ate through 7 acres of corn in just three days. Additionally, they were forced to retreat inside the walls of James Fort due to threats from the nearby Powhatan. Within the fort, dysentery and typhoid were rampant. All seemed hopeless. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
ARM27 image small‘AfterWARd’ Special Exhibition at American Revolution Museum Concludes November 27th ... In the final days of the "AfterWARd: The Revolutionary Veterans Who Built America" special exhibition at the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, a circa 1784 portrait of Henry Knox and the Society of the Cincinnati medal presented to him the same year as the portrait's commission have been reunited for public display. The special exhibition chronicles the postwar lives of veterans of the Siege of Yorktown. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Bishop ad apr15Fish News | Tide Chart ... [Text included from last week, but new pictures] Drum Surprise. We ran to the Triangle Wrecks yesterday to see if the FI 24nov17 smallbig bluefish were around. When we got there, we put out some plugs and trolled around. The bottom machine showed the fish hanging beside the Clark. I told Wes Blow and Johnny Boyd to drop jigs down to them. Wes hooks up with what has to be a record bluefish. Bluefish fight hard but he had a hard time getting this one up....because it was not a bluefish. (Read the Article) (Get the Tide Chart) (Have a Comment?)

BBlight imageJustSoYouKnow 24nov17Help Curb the Spread of Boxwood Blight in Virginia ... "Something as innocent as holiday decorating could be a threat to one of Virginia’s most cherished plants,” said Sandy Adams, Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS). "The plant is boxwood and holiday greenery may contain boxwood clippings that came from plants infected with boxwood blight." (See Page 2, November 24, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
FBC imageFarm Bureau Convention Will Draw State’s Producers to Williamsburg ... The Virginia Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention is the state’s largest gathering of farmers and agriculture professionals, with up to 800 attendees each year. This year’s convention will be held Nov. 28-30 at the Williamsburg Lodge and will include such Farm Bureau business as adopting resolutions and electing state-level directors. (See Page 4, November 24, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
HHS imageAnimal Lovers Can Have Guilt-Free Holiday Shopping at the Heritage Humane Society ... During the Holidays the Heritage Humane Society (HHS) offers memorable, heartwarming and tax deductible gift giving opportunities. The holiday pet sponsorship packages are gifts that give twice. The gift to help the animals will make a vital difference to a homeless pet and each hand-crafted sponsorship make unique and memorable holiday gifts. (See Page 4, November 24, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
BDSA imageThe Bronze Door Society Awards The Mariners’ Museum $55,000 ... The Bronze Door Society held their annual dinner and project selection at The Mariners' Museum and Park. This year, the Society awarded funds to two of the presented offerings totaling $54,862. Named for the intricately designed bronze doors that marked the original 1937 Museum entrance, The Bronze Door Society is the oldest, Member-managed affinity group of The Mariners' Museum and Park. (See Page 5, November 24, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
VLMTurkey imageVirginia Living Museum Holds Thanksgiving Tradition, 8th Annual Turkey Pardoning ... Virginia Living Museum (VLM) ushers in the holidays with the 8th Annual Turkey Pardoning Ceremony on Wednesday, November 22, 2017. For the eighth year, the Museum will celebrate the long and healthy life of its wild turkeys during the annual Turkey Pardoning at 11 a.m. In the tradition of the annual Presidential Turkey Pardoning, Newport News Vice Mayor, Tina Vick will lead a ceremony held indoors and then guests will parade to the outdoor Turkey/Deer Habitat. (See Page 5, November 24, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
4th Annual Thanksgiving Quiz ... It is that time of year for turkey trimmings and falling leaves and parades. It is a time to reflect and a time to be appreciative. It is a time to fall asleep on the couch at 2:00 in the afternoon. So why not grab your favorite pen and a pair of fuzzy slippers and try another fun yet educational YTCPP quiz by JFH. Try to solve without Googling first. (See Page 7, November 24, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Capital square smallBudget Blues: Needs Outpace Revenue Increase ... The House Appropriations Committee received some good news last week at its annual two-day retreat, held this year in Portsmouth. But the good news — an expected $1.7 billion increase in revenue over the next two years — will be engulfed by costs exceeding that amount by about $210 million. That’s the briefing members got from committee staff. It’s almost poetic that the harrowing forecast accompanies a much bluer shade at the capitol after the recent elections may, pending recounts, remarkably flip control of the House of Delegates to the Democrats. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)

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