Las Bicicletas
By Anthony Rago

Las imageOver the summer, Yorktown has been host to several migrant Mexicans. They gave some color to the beachfront, but in about a month, they will be moving along to complete their journey of goodwill. These individuals are the bicyclers of the "Las Bicicletas” exhibit on the waterfront.

These bicyclists are the creation of Mexican urban artist Gabriel Aceves Navarro. Five have been spotted on the Waterfront, but there are over 200 abstract metal sculptures of people on bicycles, with a goal of traveling throughout the world. They represent a diverse humanity pedaling as one race to achieve the common good of all.

According to the website, the metal bicyclers have been in Mexico City, Tlajomulco de Zuniga (Mexico), New York City and Washington D.C. before coming to the Greater Williamsburg Area. From here, they are destined to visit Chicago.

Like all trips, there are expenses associated with travel. According to the April 16, 2015 Williamsburg Yorktown Daily article "Bicycle Sculpture Exhibit Coming to Williamsburg Landmarks,” the usual cost to host the exhibit is about $500,000.00; however, they have come to Greater Williamsburg for a more modest $37,500.00.

Each sculpture is unique and created from steel coated in baked enamel. They come in three sizes. It appears Yorktown’s visitors are the largest size, 78 inches by 71 inches. Mr. Navarro is a famous artist in his native Mexico and has been honored internationally.


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