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Fish News ... July 14, 2014
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Fish image 2 10jul14Flounder fishing was much improved this week. Boats fishing the Flounder Bowl caught multiple limits at the CBBT in some very windy conditions. What most did not catch were doormats, but there were a lot of keepers caught. Hook-N-Look managed to find some doormats, weighing in a 3-fish stringer weighing 17.68 pounds. Their largest fish weighed 7.68 pounds. Capt. Aubrey Williams and his team won $13,400. Most of the winning fish came from the CBBT but the second place team caught their fish inside the York River. Kenny Hoffman and his team caught flounder up to 7.32 pounds. Other than the CBBT and the York River, some flounder are being caught on Hampton Bar, in the buoy 36A area, and inside the seaside inlets. Cobia fishing remains excellent with both chumming and sight-fishing producing fish. An advantage with chumming is that you are not as limited by weather conditions. An advantage of sight-fishing is that you do not have to feed your baits to the very healthy shark population that is in the bay right now. Big red drum continue to be caught on the shoals near the mouth of the bay and along the Eastern Shore seaside by angler targeting them. They are also being caught by anglers targeting cobia and flounder. The flounder anglers have a bit more of a challenge when they hook up with a big drum. Big sheepshead are being caught at the CBBT where small to medium sized spadefish are available. Spanish mackerel are being caught along the oceanfront along with a lot of small bluefish. Croaker fishing is good up in the rivers and good number of medium-sized spot are also being caught. Puppy drum are still being caught on the flats and in the inlets. There seems to be a good population of sea mullet (whiting) in the bay this year. Big amberjack are at the southern towers. Offshore, there are bigeye tuna being caught if you are one of the boats lucky enough for an encounter. The Virginia Beach Tuna Tournament was won by the Burley with a 151 pound bigeye. Dolphin are the primary catch and there are a lot of billfish being encountered. A 131 pound wahoo was weighed in by a boat out of Maryland this week. There are some yellowfin tuna around but that bite has not been good for a couple of weeks.
Norfolk Canyon (July 6)
Fish image 1 10jul14We ran the "Healthy Grin" out to the Norfolk Canyon to catch some tuna. As was the case with our last tuna trip, we caught marlin. I did not hear of a single tuna being caught but there were plenty of marlin encounters. We saw 3 white marlin, hooking 2. The first pulled the hook after some impressive aerial acrobatics. We released the second at boatside. We also caught some small dolphin. Brent Meadors was fishing a bit inshore of us in the " Breike" . In about 40 fathoms, they found a weed line holding some big dolphin. Chris Williams caught their largest. His fish weighed in at 45 pounds 8 ounces.

The top 25 teams in the 2014 Flounder Bowl with the 3-fish stringer weights. (due to request by teams wanting to know where they finished). Tie-breaker is time of weigh-in. A short tournament video:
1. Look-n-Hook: Aubry Williams, III: 17.68: Big-Fish Calcutta (7.68), 3-Fish Calcutta
2. Rest Time: Kenny Hoffman: 14.89: Sponsors Challenge
3. Bunker Down: Clayton Hicks: 14.53
4. Hounddog: Derick Hall: 14.51
5. No Regrets: Steven Hodges: 14.32
6. Hogchoker: Brian Hogge: 13.98
7. Fatty Flatty: Barry Bradley: 13.72: Youth Award
8. Double-Digits: Scott Davenport: 13.64
9. Cindi D: Randy Dedmond: 12.84: PSWSFA Award
10. Kevin Agee: 12.19: Lady Award
11. Callie Ann: Bobby Schaffer: 11.41
12. Fishing Fever II: Paul Ewing: 10.87
13. Hawg Hunter: Hunter Tucker: 10.44
14. Smooth Operator: Barclay Shepard: 10.44
15. Kenny Patterson: 10.25
16. No Slack: Brad Moore: 10.25
17. Mobjack Belle: Wilbur Hogge: 10.13
18. Miss Big Spur: Robert Bryant: 10.02
19. William Kellum, Jr.: 9.7
20. Sea Snake: Robert Huffman: 9.37
21. Tip Top: Glen West: 9.12
22. Hollybrooke: Craig Freeman: 8.72
23. FishnSport: James Leiffer: 8.48
24. Thomas Willson, Inc.: Keith Ficke: 7.8
25. Miss Donna: Daniel Simmerman: 7.45

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