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Tigers Softball Pitches Shutout Against Warhill
STILL Undefeated
By Martin Phillips

This past week out of all the teams in the area I think Warhill had a rough one. Their baseball team, in two games in a row, fell short of a winning comeback by one point in the last inning! That’s just bad luck! Tabb did it first then York! It’s quite intriguing, that’s why I mention it. The Warhill Lions softball team did also played this past week. They are not the baseball team, it’s a different sport. I’ll let you know, they also did not get the win, but it was not as dramatic. It’s a more interesting story.

Warhill played Tabb. Tabb softball is undefeated and blowing competition away. This game though was not a big shut out. It was not really an offensive game, depending what you consider offense. Most action took place from the mound. It began, Tabb did start off on the right foot, bringing a run in the first inning. Then after nothing happen for both teams. Both had no runs coming in.

Tabb eventually in the fifth and sixth brought in three runs combined. Warhill did not get any. In fact, the Lions had nothing really going, no hits at all. Yes, that’s correct, Tabb pitched a shutout, with help from two pitchers, Alyssa Lowe who pitched 5 1/3 inning and Hannah Maltos who pitched 1 ¾ innings. The dominating stellar pitching performances kept Warhill from getting on the scoreboard. It also helped Tabb win 4- 0; again, it’s not a large lead, but Tiger Fever continues this season!

Not only did this game happen, the next game Tabb softball played they beat their rival Grafton, 9-6! The Tigers are still undefeated! They played Bruton Monday and Jamestown Thursday. This week marks the end of the regular season! Tabb is looking perfect! We’ll see what happens, but it’s looking like Tiger Fever is here to stay!


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