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November 22, 2012 Online Home Page

Joe and Mimma's Celebrate 40th Anniversary ... Joe and Mimma’s is celebrating their 40th anniversary on November 23rd, and the entire community is invited to join in the festivities. The celebration already began in the Virginia House of Delegates, when a resolution was introduced by Delegate David Yancey and passed honoring the Buffa family, their contributions to the community, and their commitment to excellence that has made Joe and Mimma’s a local landmark. Joe and Mimma’s was established on November 23, 1972, and Buffa has decided to honor the occasion by offering 40% off of all pizzas on Friday the 23rd.(Read the Article)

A House Divided Still Stands ... In 2012, Abraham Lincoln is everywhere ... except York County. Lincoln’s image has been ubiquitous this year, in movies and books. But when Lincoln said that “a house divided against itself cannot stand,” the York Republican Committee is proving him wrong. The Yorktown Crier / The Poquoson Post continues its series on our local political parties. (Read the Article)

Community Events A listing of events for the York County and Poquoson Areas. (Read the Article)

Bill's Seafood Celebrates 15 Years ... The employees hurried to have the restaurant ready for the lunch hour. The seafood truck was running late. For Mike Dawson, busy but relaxed in his York Falcons baseball cap, it was just another day in the restaurant business. As they celebrate their 15th year of owning Bill’s seafood, Dawson and Ken Earles realize that they have weathered many different types of storm. (Read the Article)

ESPN Radio Strikes Gold ... ESPN Radio gambled in Virginia and hit the jackpot. In May of 2012, the hunt was on for 94.1 ESPN Radio of the Hampton Roads area to replace longtime sports talk host Tony Mercurio. Executives of the radio station received over 150 resumes from across America. The decision involved much more than a mere radio host; the show covers the prime time for afternoon commuters. Although national shows cover most of the day, the afternoon show host has to be a radio star, a sports star, and in some ways, a rock star. Enter Nick Cattles. ESPN Radio chose a little known sports radio guy from Boston to take over their Hampton Roads afternoon show and become the literal sports voice of the area. (Read the Article)

Who Burnt the Popcorn - Thanks for Thanksgiving ... “Are you burning popcorn for the holiday, Tom?” Mary smiled.“Holiday? Thanksgiving. Maybe,” Tom smiled back. “You know, Mary, Thanksgiving started in Virginia. We had Thanksgiving before the Yankees even showed up in Massachusetts,” said Phil. (Read the Article)


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