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December 13, 2012 Online Home Page

Gingrich Speaks on Lessons from Yorktown ... Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich believes the lessons taught by George Washington remain relevant today. An exclusive interview for the Yorktown Crier | The Poquoson Post.(Read the Article)

Sheriff Diggs Brings Double Deterrence, deserves Praise for Showing Real Leadership ... In the world of 2012, Americans share the frequent and disappointing experience of watching our public leaders avoid taking a stand on controversial issues. We wish, so often that our leaders would simply lead. Thank you, Sheriff Danny Diggs, for leading.(Read the Article)

Who Burnt the Popcorn, by Silence Dogood Nelson ... Number 19: “Taxing Income or Taxing Wealth” Set in an office break room somewhere on Route 17. Or, is it Wythe Creek Road? We report an office conversation.(Read the Article)

Community Events A listing of events for the York County and Poquoson Areas. (Read the Article)

Retired Brigadier General Pens Books on Leadership and Character ... Among the many things Dick Abel, the former director of Air Force Public Affairs, has been during his lifetime are football player, coach, foundation executive, general, husband, father, and grandfather. But, when Dick started his Air Force career he was a pilot ... and pilots use checklists to do things correctly.Abel has brought his checklist philosophy to the world of leadership. (Read the Article)

Sheriff to Honor Auto Zone Hero ... David Mclean’s story becomes subject of national media attention. For Mclean, it was never about being a hero; it was only about saving his boss’s life and stopping a robbery. For Auto Zone, it was about firing an employee because he violated a company policy. For York‐Poquoson Sheriff Danny Diggs, it’s about honoring a hero for making our community a safer place to live. “We will honor a hero because he deserves it,” Diggs explained to the Yorktown Crier | The Poquoson Post. “We will give Devin Mclean a Sheriff’s Citizens Accommodation Award”. (Read the Article)


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