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August 10, 2017

Congressman’s Squid
Submitted by Dr. Ken Neill

We ran out to the Norfolk Canyon yesterday to troll live chub "tinker" mackerel for marlin. We had to work at catching the tinkers. Better than the tinker bite was the squid bite. Our best squid catcher was Congressman Rob Wittman. He was loading up on those things every drop. Before becoming a Congressman, one of Rob's previous professions was a charter boat mate out of the Outer Banks. In short order, he had beautifully rigged squid in the trolling spread along with the live mackerel. The squids looked great but every marlin, which we missed, and ever hammerhead, which we could not miss, wanted the live mackerel. We did not catch a single marlin out of a few encounters. Better boats did better but overall, it was a slower marlin bite out there for the fleet yesterday. We did end up with a nice bycatch of sea bass and blueline tilefish while catching bait and the guys got fresh calamari. It was a very calm ocean yesterday.
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