Denbigh Day 2015
By Anthony Rago

Denbigh imageOn Saturday, September 20, the Denbigh neighborhood of Newport News celebrated the 56th Annual Denbigh Day. Denbigh Day has been a tradition in this community since 1960, organized by the Denbigh Lions and Denbigh Kiwanis.

Most of what is now Newport News, including Denbigh, was once the County of Warwick. In 1958, Denbigh was annexed by the ever-expanding City of Newport News.

This year’s parade lasted about forty-five minutes. The route began at Denbigh High School, traveled up to Old Courthouse Road and terminated after the Courthouse Way Community Center.

The 2015 Denbigh Day Parade included elected representatives; marching bands from Warwick, Woodside, Menchville, Heritage and Denbigh high schools; youth athletic, dance and cheer organizations; the Newport News police and sheriff departments; the Hampton Roads Sanitation Department; religious organizations; private businesses and charitable organizations; and Korean and Filipino cultural associations.

Hungry festival goers were offered a variety of lunches, from the Lions Club’s famous Brunswick Stew to church barbecues and food trucks. Members of the business and financial communities were available for consultation, and bounce houses were set up to amuse children. There was even a unique display of Henry, the unfortunate mule whose untimely demise in Denbigh launched one of the most unique political protests America has ever known.

Enjoy the pictures from Denbigh Day. For more information on poor Henry, visit


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