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County Breaks Ground on New Fire Station #1
Submitted by Gail Whittaker

On Tuesday, May 15, York County broke ground on the site of its future Fire Station #1, an 18,000 square foot building that will replace an aging fire station located on Route 17. At almost 60 years old, the current Fire Station #1 is outdated and undersized for today’s modern fire and rescue apparatus. In addition, the widening of Route 17 impacted the front driveway of the facility.

At the ground breaking, Board of Supervisors Chairman Sheila Noll stated, "This new fire station is designed to support the operations of a modern day fire and rescue system. It will accommodate the most modern equipment and offer the safest and most efficient response times.”

Also at the event, Fire Chief Stephen P. Kopczynski said, "Our department will benefit from a more efficient facility that can better serve our community and better accommodates the highly trained and dedicated staff who will operate out of the fire station.”

Construction of the fire station is scheduled to be completed in late summer/early fall of 2019.
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