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February 7, 2013 Online Homepage

Our Community and Your Paper ... Yorktown Crier | Poquoson Post, The Paper, is going through its second big transition in less than a year. In July 2012, Yorktown Poquoson Truth Media, Inc. bought The Paper. Changes in style and some stories made improvements to The Paper. Effective February 1, 2013 better business practices will improve how The Paper serves the community. And, this newspaper is all our community.(Read the Article)

Bills In The General Assembly ... The House of Delegates introduced 1,583 bills. The Senate introduced 987 bills. In those big numbers, some important bills are working their way through Virginia’s General Assembly. These bills will make a difference in the lives of Virginians. Consider these.(Read the Article)

Who Burnt the Popcorn? by Silence Dogood Nelson ... “Oh, c’mon. Who burned the popcorn?” asked Mary. “I’m sure it was me,” said Tom. “You are really distracted,” said Phil. “Still upset about the election? It’s over. The inauguration too,” said Gabriel.(Read the Article)

Community Events ... A listing of events for the York County and Poquoson Areas. (Read the Article)

The Paper's Business Case ... Your Yorktown Crier | Poquoson Post, The Paper, is improving all of its business processes. Every one of them. Here is how they work and how you can get involved.(Read the Article)

William Rollins, Jr. -- Last of the Poquoson Log Canoe Builders ... Edward “Ned” Maddrell, a fisherman from the Isle of Man, died on December 27, 1974. Maddrell was no celebrity, and his name is known today only because he was the last native speaker of Manx, a language related to Irish. Fortunately, there were enough audio recordings of Maddrell for a recent revival of Manx, but no one is alive today who speaks it as a first language. Poquoson Island just might have its own Ned Maddrell. William Rollins Jr.,owner of Rollins’ Boat Yard, is the last of the Poquoson log canoe builders. Unlikethe fate of Manx, Rollins doesn’t have much hope for a revival of his craft.(Read the Article)

Olivia Wilson -- Grafton Hoops Standout ... Grafton hoops standout Olivia Wilson started playing basketball in the sixth grade and suspected she had a knack for the sport. While she might not have been aware of the true extent of her abilities at the time, the evidence is now undeniable. This season, Wilson surpassed the 1,000-point mark in her career, and she’s only a junior.(Read the Article)


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