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February 14, 2013 Online Homepage ...

Our Community and Your Paper ... Yorktown Crier| Poquoson Post, The Paper, is going through its second big transition in less than a year. In July 2012, Yorktown Poquoson Truth Media, Inc. bought The Paper. Changes in style and some stories made improvements to The Paper. Effective February 1, 2013 better business practices will improve how The Paper serves the community. And, this newspaper is all our community.(Read the Article)

Bills In The General Assembly ... The House of Delegates introduced 1,583 bills. The Senate introduced 987 bills. In those big numbers, some important bills are working their way through Virginia���s General Assembly. These bills will make a difference in the lives of Virginians. Consider these.(Read the Article)

Who Burnt the Popcorn? by Silence Dogood Nelson ... ���The Taxman Cometh��� Comment by our own intrepid Silence Dogood Nelson. (2013, Number 2)(Read the Article)

Community Events ... A listing of events for the York County and Poquoson Areas. (Read the Article)

York County Holiday Schedule ...York County government offices and courts will follow the schedule listed at this link for the Presidents��� Day holiday on Monday, February 18, 2013.(Read the Article)

Opinions and Comments ... Various items from the latest Opinions & Comments page of the Yorktown Crier | The Poquoson Post. (Read the Article)

High School Sports Calendar ... A short summary of upcoming events and news items from our local high schools.... (Read the Article)..

The Paper's Business Case ... Your Yorktown Crier | Poquoson Post, The Paper, is improving all of its business processes. Every one of them. Here is how they work and how you can get involved.(Read the Article)

Girls on the Run for Healthy Futures ... When it���s cold outside, many of us shiver at the thought of getting outdoors toexercise. But brave little girls all over Hampton Roads will be doing just that, as part of the upcoming Spring session of Girls on the Run. The program, made up of girls in 3rd through 5th grade, combines training for a 5k (3.1 miles) event with healthy living education.(Read the Article)

Frank Green is Source of Reference for Local History ... There are certain names we���ve come to know and trust as authority figures in their particular fields. Emily Post can guide you on how to address the queen mother. Julia Child can tell you the proper technique for cooking a beef Wellington. And Sigmund Freud is your go-to guy for help with those dreams you���ve been having about your mother. When it comes to the history of Yorktown, York County, and the City of Poquoson, Frank Green is your ultimate source of reference.(Read the Article)

Society for the College Provides a View on Curriculum Change at William & Mary ... The College of William and Mary needs a curriculum to match its reputation. As any employer knows, earning a William and Mary diploma speaks volumes of the person whose name is on it: she or he has drive and intelligence that's unmatched among other recent graduates. That is why the Society for the College strongly opposes the proposed changes to the undergraduate curriculum recommended by William & Mary���s faculty on February 5. The Society recognizes that thefaculty curriculum committee has devoted much time, thought, and energy to the proposal, but the Board of Visitors must reject the plan because it would drive down the quality of education at W&M.(Read the Article)


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