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Healthier America, Saving Our Nation From Collapse ... My mother once felt bad because we didn’t have an ashtray in our house. Many of our relatives smoked. They would come to our house and sit for an hour or more and light up while sitting in the living room. She stated, "I don’t have an ashtray to offer our guests,” as though we should have felt embarrassed and inhospitable. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
The Tortoise, the Rancher and J. Edgar Hoover ... You have probably heard about the standoff between the Nevada rancher and federal officials. The rancher, whose family has grazed cattle on public land for more than 140 years, has been ordered by federal court to remove his cattle; the cattle "threaten the desert tortoise,” labeled as "endangered" – no wait – "threatened." (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Hippocrates and Obamacare ... The White House announced that 7.1 million people had signed up for Obamacare by 31 March. Despite the ‘small’ issue that nearly 7 million people have had their insurance cancelled since October, 2013 because of Obamacare, and that less then 1 million people are actually full paying ‘customers’ (those receiving no subsidy), the White House is calling this victory. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Did You Hear About HB 1089, Just Signed by the Governer in Virginia? ... But the drama gets worse!!! (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Van Halen, Jennifer Lopez and Democracy ... The band Van Halen once required that there be no brown M&Ms in the candy bowls in their hotel rooms (someone therefore being required to sort them out), and Jennifer Lopez apparently requires her dressing room be decorated primarily in white. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Convention of the States: A Response to Gary Porter ... A Letter to Gary Porter in response to "Concluding Remarks on a COS”. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
A Letter to the Board of Supervisors ... Dear York County Board of Supervisors: I am writing you to express my opposition to the omnibus agricultural ordinance restriction proposal that is on your agenda for the April 1, 2014 meeting. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Health Insurance ... While the nation and the world have been following the terribly sad search for the missing Malaysian airliner, and the re-flagging of Crimea, the news from the world of health insurance continues to quietly trickle out, and it is not good. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
American Depression, Keys to Happiness ... Mick Jagger’s girlfriend L’ Wren Scott committed suicide recently. There have been different speculations as to the reason. Unfortunately suicide often is a response to deep depression. Hanging herself in her apartment was a quick and reckless way out of her despair. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Kissinger, Coal, Joan Jett, and Vlad Putin ... As of 14 March Russian army forces were marshalling around the eastern borders of Ukraine. Russian spokesman said these forces were conducting ‘maneuvers.’ Statements continued to appear about Russian government concerns about the safety of Ukrainian Russians – ethnic Russians living in Ukraine – who have appealed to Russia for protection from oppression by the Ukrainian government. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Ukraine, Russia, and the West ... What to do about Ukraine? Do we defend Ukrainian liberty? Do we stand up to Putin? The answers will have massive consequences. The risk is real: let Putin take Ukraine and he threatens Eastern Europe: Poland, Slovakia, Romania, the Baltic States, Finland. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
HB 1089 Zoning; Clarifies Definition of Agricultural Products ... After a seven hour board meeting where the citizens demanded farmers rights, and Tom Shepperd promising that things would remain the same, York County became the only locality in the state of Virginia to separate the definition of aquaculture from agriculture by changing language in the County code. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Dominion Power Grab ... Dominion Power, the extraordinarily powerful electric coal utility company Virginians all know so well, was set to be forced to refund customers money it made above and beyond what it was legally allowed to make in 2013. "Over-earning”, while appearing to be idiosyncratic to a business that seeks profits, is actually necessary to avoid price gouging when it comes to massive utility companies that enjoy no competition because of infrastructure limitations, as well as a captive audience of consumers with no option save to pay the bill. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Defense Planning ... Three seemingly separate stories have worked their way through the news cycle over the past several weeks: US Defense Budget Reductions, the Crisis in the Ukraine, and the suggestion that China is preparing to seize some small islands claimed by Japan. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
The Virginia Zoning Bill Protects Small Farmers From Local Government Overregulation ... Last Thursday two groups of people gathered to debate the opposing sides of HB1089. Several citizens were present but most impressive was the list of organizations supporting the bill including the Va. Farm Bureau, Va. Agriculture Council, Va. Aquaculture Asso., Va. Independent Farm Asso., and the Shellfish Growers of Va. VACO came out against the law. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)


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