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Nixon, Saddam, Obama and the Problem of Nuclear Proliferation ... Negotiated under three Presidents, and signed into law by a fourth – Richard Nixon – the ‘Treaty on the Non- Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons,’ known as the Non-Proliferation Treaty or simply NPT, has been the corner-stone of containing the spread of nuclear weapons for 45 years. It’s now dead. How so? (See Page 8, July 23, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Time to Dial-Down Our Fear of Automation ... A new industrial revolution is coming. American factory workers will soon be replaced by robots, threatening the economic well-being of future generations -- or so we're told. Fear not. Far from dismantling the American workforce, new labor-saving technologies are instead poised to serve as vital engines of job-creation and economic growth for years to come -- if U.S. lawmakers take advantage of them. (See Page 8, July 23, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Little Americans ... I just became a grandfather! My new grandson was born early in the morning on July 16. Wow, did you hear me? This is all amazing stuff. This cuddly little seven and a half pound sleeping burrito does amazing stuff like yawning and occasionally even opens his eyes! This little guy fits my arms like a tailor made glove. Surely God blessed his beautiful mom and dad and our entire family. Thank you God. (See Page 8, July 23, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Why Vote ... Over 44,000 residents are registered to vote in York County according to the registrar’s office. However, only 21,201 residents voted in the 2013 General election. For the June 2014 Republican Primary, only 1,801 York County registered voters went to the polls. (See Page 8, July 23, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Interesting Times ... The Chinese have a saying and a curse: ‘may you live in interesting times.’ In June of 2014 the Shanghai index was at 2000; by June of this year it had almost reached 5200. Then began a sell-off that accelerated during the first week of July. By July 7th the market had fallen to nearly 3500, a loss of 32%. The China central bank stepped in and lowered borrowing rates for banks and encouraged banks to loan money to institutional buyers. (See Page 8, July 16, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Donald Trump’s Tone, Problem and Wussies ... Donald Trump has one problem. He is not a career politician. Career politicians have learned the art of being big wussies. They know how to talk out of both sides of their mouths. They know how to keep the special interest groups happy while making backroom deals with lobbyists loaded with campaign fund cash. (See Page 8, July 16, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Time to Uproot Some Perennial Farming Myths ... As California descends further into its worst drought in recorded history, Golden Staters are looking for someone to blame. Many city-dwellers have pointed fingers at the State's farmers and ranchers. But they're blaming the victims. (See Page 8, July 16, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Buy Your Way Into Scott Walker’s Circle ... If you think that none of today’s presidential candidates care about people like you, check out Republican Scott Walker. The Wisconsin governor not only cares, he wants to sit down with you, get your ideas, and stay in close touch. No matter who you are, Walker wants you to join his team, so his presidency can be your presidency. (See Page 8, July 16, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Greece: Yes? No? What’s the Difference? ... By the time you read this the results of the latest Greek vote will be in; Greeks will have decided whether to accept restructuring their national debt per European Central Bank requests, or not. Much has been made about whether a ‘No’ vote will mean Greek departure from the European Union (EU) and what affect that would have on global economies. (See Page 8, July 9, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Skiffes Creek Update ... Today[6-29-15], the U.S. Supreme Court reversed the DC Circuit Court’s opinion upholding the EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards. Now it goes back to the DC Circuit Court which will then likely remand it back to the EPA on the grounds that the Supreme Court has cited failure to consider cost. (See Page 8, July 9, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
We Need to Strengthen Biodefense Now ... The United Nations Security Council recently heard firsthand testimony from the victims of a chemical weapons attack in Syria. A Syrian doctor spoke of his frantic efforts to treat more than 100 people who were hit by chlorine-filled bombs in the town of Sarmeen.These kinds of attacks are becoming more common and will increasingly be a component of 21st-century warfare. (See Page 8, July 9, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
$248 a Minute ... Florida’s Disney World bills itself "the happiest place on Earth.” But last year, some Disney World employees made so little they became homeless. Meanwhile, Disney paid CEO Robert Iger $46.5 million. That amounts to a stunning $248 a minute if he works 60 hours a week. (See Page 8, July 9, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
The Need for a Third Party ... Which party do you vote for? Chances are the answer is either Republican or Democrat. But, what if there was a third choice? Would you cast your vote differently? According to Gallup’s September 4-7, 2014 Governance poll, 58% of U.S. adults believe we need a third party. (See Page 9, July 9, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Why We’re Losing The War ... You’re forgiven if you haven’t kept up. Frankly, it’s not easy. But, amidst endless talk about taxes and healthcare, etc. we’re losing the war. Which war, you might ask? All of them. Let me explain, beginning with a test: Why did the US first get involved in Vietnam? Let that germinate while you read (the answer is below). (See Page 13, July 2, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Putting ‘Independence’ Back in Independence Day ... When we fire up the grill on the Fourth of July, few of us take time to consider what "independence” is all about. We live in the land of liberty. We celebrate freedom. But independence? The Declaration of Independence, approved by Congress on July 4, 1776, stated the case for breaking the bond between the colonies and Great Britain. But independence in the Revolutionary era meant more than severing a political connection. (See Page 13, July 2, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
It's a Different Day in America ... Americans celebrate our Independence each 4th of July. We have all kinds of independence in our country. We are free to kill unborn babies and free to legally marry people of the same sex. We are also free from the ritual of prayer in public schools. We are free to take all kinds of drugs in America as long as we have a doctor's prescription. We are free now to sit home while the government feeds us and provides us with whatever necessary healthcare we need. (See Page 13, July 2, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Donald Trump Distinguishes Himself ... We live in a time of stunning transformations. In recent weeks we’ve seen Bruce Jenner transition from a male Olympic medalist to Caitlyn Jenner, a selfassured woman gracing the cover of Vanity Fair. Then there’s Rachel Dolezal, the expresident of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP. She lived as a black woman until her parents revealed that she was not, technically, black. (See Page 13, July 2, 2015, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)


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