The New Dividing Line ... It is the new dividing line in America. You either believe in people, or you believe in government. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Congress Wants to Cut Your Health Care -- And Billionaires’ Taxes ... Members of the House GOP were in a hurry on May 4 to pass their bill to gut Obamacare. They rushed it through before anyone even had a chance to check its cost or calculate its impact on people’s access to insurance. (See Page 9, May 25, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
The String Dangling In The Darkness ... The only way to get out of the darkness is to follow the light. Sometimes it's just a very faint light. (See Page 9, May 25, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 ... Many citizens want to protect themselves and others by carrying concealed firearms. But a growing problem for many Virginians is the confusing patchwork of state laws that make it hard for them to travel and move about the country with their firearms. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
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The Budget Process Remains Broken ... Think about this for a moment: Two days away from a federal shutdown, Congress comes up with a stopgap measure to keep the government operating... for a week. (See Page 9, May 18, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Gas Attacks and Cyber Hacking ... Ypres, April 22nd 1915: the Germans launch a gas attack on the Western Front. Germany had twice attempted to use gas (October 1914 and January 1915), but both efforts failed to produce the desired results. (See Page 9, May 18, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Hooray For Less Taxes! We Hope ... Americans pay too much in taxes. President Trump's idea to eliminate four of the seven tax brackets is an excellent idea. Most Americans are sick and tired of paying everything they make in taxes. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Fighting An Unfair System ... The gap between the rich and poor has been growing for decades. Some claim this growing gap is the natural result of smart, hard workers getting what they deserve. (See Page 9, May 11, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
> The Post Office Delivers, Literally ... A half-dollar hardly counts as money these days — it won’t even buy a cup of coffee. But pssssst… here’s an amazing half-dollar bargain for you: A first-class postage stamp. (See Page 9, May 11, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Standing Firm Against McAuliffe’s Lawlessness ... First, our Attorney General, Mark Herring, would not defend our constitutionally approved Marriage Amendment against the attacks at the U.S. Supreme Court. (See Page 9, May 11, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Why Scientists Marched ... Hundreds of thousands of scientists and their supporters recently took to the streets, marching in favor of science-based policies. How did our sciencedenying president respond? (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
A Bigger US Fleet ... President Trump wants to expand the Navy to 355 ships. The Congressional Budget Office estimates it would cost $27 billion more per year. The professional hand-ringers are already working themselves into a lather. (See Page 9, May 4, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
A President Struggling ... I have significant differences with Donald Trump's political stances, but I want him to enjoy a successful presidency. It's good for neither the country nor the world when a U.S. president struggles or fails. (See Page 9, May 4, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
The President, Rural Voters, and our Future ... In last fall's election, enough rural voters switched party allegiance to account for Trump's victory in several key Midwest and Rust Belt states. Frustration over the economic plight facing their communities drove many of these voters. (See Page 9, May 4, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Encumbrances - State Churches, O’Reilly and Kim Jong Un ... An encumbrance will often weigh us down or prevent us from going forward. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Is Trump Taking Us to War Everywhere? ... No one ever expected Donald Trump to be a peace-loving president. On the campaign trail, he endorsed torture, said he’d bomb the families of alleged terrorists, and spoke gleefully about the president’s power to launch nuclear weapons. (See Page 9, April 27, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Civil Ignorance and Common Interests ... A frenzied press "revealed" that after President Trump publicly stated he was moving an aircraft carrier towards Korea, the carrier actually departed port and headed south – the opposite direction – for two days. (See Page 9, April 27, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
A Great Clucking Idea ... If you live in Austin, Texas, the city will pay you to get chickens. That’s right. (See Page 9, April 27, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
North Korea’s Weapons: Whose Money? ... They held a parade in Pyongyang on Saturday... It's worth searching the internet and looking at the pictures to grasp just how much effort they placed in the parade -- and how much gear was on display. In particular, three different long-range missiles were on display, one completely new, never seen before. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
We Need to Safeguard the "Public” in Public Office ... For the last few years, I've been keeping a file of clippings about the erosion of transparency and candor in government. I'm sorry to report that it's getting rather full. (See Page 9, April 20, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
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