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Bombs Won’t Cut It ... When Paris suffered attacks that killed 17 last January — at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket — it responded with great class. Parisians filled the streets, locked arm-inarm in solidarity against terrorism. Leaders from throughout Europe (but not, alas, President Barack Obama) joined them in a show of support. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Stop Shopping, Start Living ... Imagine if retailers held a nationwide super-spectacular sales day — and no one came. I don’t mean customers. Picture sales staff, cashiers, and even managers not showing up to open the doors for the usual frenzy of mass, crass, crazy consumerism. (See Page 11, November 26, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
After ISIS ... What does Ismailia, on the shores of Lake Timsah, have to do with Paris and Bamako? In 1928 an elementary school teacher in Ismailia, Egypt – Hassan al Banna – started an organization to promote piety and a revival of strict Islamic teachings. It came to be known as the Muslim Brotherhood. (See Page 11, November 26, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
America Cannot Take Chances ... We know our world is filled with evil people and ISIS proved it again in Paris. The radical Muslims associated with ISIS are unable to do anything but kill and destroy. (See Page 11, November 26, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Paris and Real War ... The conquering army swept into the ruins and began to tear down the ancient remains of the long dead civilization. Keepers of ancient artifacts were killed, huge ruins were systematically attacked, every effort was made to wipe out the other civilization. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Restoring Certainty to the Budget ... The other week, the House and Senate passed a bipartisan budget deal that addresses spending caps, the debt limit, Medicare premiums, Social Security Disability Insurance and many other items important to Virginians. This budget addressed issues that Congress desperately needed to tackle, and I’m happy to have voted in favor of the deal. (See Page 11, November 19, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Washington’s Latest Deal: Little Cause for Celebration ... You can understand why President Obama and congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle sought to cast their end-of-October budget deal in the best possible light. They avoided a potentially catastrophic national default. They reduced the possibility of a government shutdown. And they raised the debt ceiling until March, 2017, taking that bargaining chip off the table until the next president is in the White House. (See Page 11, November 19, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Keys for Making Life Better ... The world in general can be a dim place. However here are eight keys to making life better. (See Page 11, November 19, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Orioles Win the Super Bowl: Syria and Special Forces ... Long time Orioles manager Earl Weaver was once asked: "Why did they beat you?” He replied: "They scored more runs than us.” That’s the beauty of sports: everyone involved, right down to the guy selling peanuts, knows – precisely – the team goal. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Five Things You Need to Know about Self-Insurance ... Several major health insurers just announced that they expect to raise premiums by up to 40 percent next year. These everincreasing costs are certainly a drag on the economy. After all, most Americans get their coverage through work. (See Page 8, November 12, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
AMAC Calls for a Unified Effort to Resolve the Denial-of-COLA Issue for Seniors ... The Association of Mature American Citizens has called for a massive, concerted effort by other advocacy groups to put pressure on Congress and the President to "fix the impending financial dilemma facing America's seniors." (See Page 8, November 12, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Big Oil Can’t Go On Like This ... Ensuring that our planet remains hospitable requires leaving about three-quarters of all oil, gas, and coal deposits underground or beneath the sea floor. And forgoing all those fossil fuels to avert a climate catastrophe means that loads of companies need to change the way they do business — or go out of business. (See Page 8, November 12, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
The Endangered Species Act Endangers Chimps ... Ebola is one of the world's deadliest diseases. But it's not just human beings who are at risk. In the past 20 years, Ebola has claimed the lives of one-third of the world's population of Great Apes. (See Page 9, November 12, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Are Americans Sweet Dreaming or Having Nightmares? ... Aging Americans within a few years of collecting Social Security are concerned. Will government leaders push the retirement age to 68 or even 70? Will the current promised benefits be slashed ten, twenty percent or even more? (See Page 9, November 12, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Congress image smallCongress’s Problems are Deep-Seated but Fixable ... A lot of ink is being spilled about the speakership drama in the U.S. House, the demands by members of the conservative Freedom Caucus, and the turmoil besetting the Republicans who run Capitol Hill. There is a pervasive sense in Washington that Congress has gone, at least temporarily, off the rails. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Dr. Ben Carson and African American Churches ... No one knows for sure who will win the Republican nomination for President. Currently, Dr. Ben Caron and Donald Trump are the leaders but things change quickly in politics. Dr. Carson will certainly finish strong if he does not win. (See Page 8, November 5, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Let’s Take Back the Holidays ... Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye! On this date, the 26th of October 2015, let it be known throughout the land that John Franklin Hamilton is proposing a new amendment to the U.S. Constitution. (See Page 8, November 5, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Pay Fair or Pay Up ... Have you ever complained about the cost of funding social programs for the poor? Then you should support a living wage for workers. That’s the message supporters of the Responsible Business Act are sending employers in Chicago. The bill would charge Cook County businesses for the cost of social services their employees have to rely on when they don’t earn a living wage. (See Page 8, November 5, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)


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