Maxwell Taylor, Sam Malone, and the Establishment ... General Maxwell Taylor, a great combat soldier who became a horrible Washington DC general, brought the theory of proportional response to our national security. He convinced the Kennedy and Johnson administrations of its merit and they embraced it – Vietnam was partly the result. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Do the Debates Help Us Choose Wisely? ... We're in the middle of the presidential debates, and not surprisingly, they're drawing viewers in great numbers. (See Page 9, October 20, 2016 Edition) (Have a Comment?
Why Our Kids Are Coming In Last Place ... The United States, anyone could reasonably argue, has the most accomplished elite athletes in the world. The best evidence? In Rio this past summer, young American men and women finished at a comfortable first place in the Olympic final medal tally. (See Page 9, October 20, 2016 Edition) (Have a Comment?
Do What Makes You Happy ... Giving up is easy to do because we become worn out from trying. The high school student who cannot make the ball team or the college student who fails college algebra three times is frustrated. Everyone in life hits a few walls. We tried once or twice and failed and then moved on to something else. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Are U.S. - Saudi Relations Finally Souring? ... Congress recently passed the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) allowing families of victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks to sue other governments, including Saudi Arabia, for possible damages. (See Page 9, October 13, 2016 Edition) (Have a Comment?
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Letter - Citizen Effort to Save Brick Barn ... To Mayor McKinley Price, Vice Mayor Tina Vick, City Council Members Bert Bateman, Saundra Cherry, Marcellus Harris, Sharon Scott, Pat Woodbury, and City Manager James Bourey: Why not let the City Farm Brick Barn stand? (See Page 9, October 13, 2016 Edition) (Have a Comment?
Presidential Candidates Need To Talk to Seniors ... With the 2016 Presidential Election just about a month away, the Association of Mature American Citizens is calling on the candidates to start focusing on issues that mean the most to seniors, Obamacare and Social Security. (See Page 9, October 13, 2016 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
A Sobering Look Beyond the Election ... This campaign year has been full of twists and turns. We don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, let alone on November 8. So talking about what comes afterward seems premature. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Clinton’s Surprising Debate Stumble on Trade ... In her first debate with Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton delivered one of her more memorable one-liners when she quipped, "I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. (See Page 9, October 6, 2016 Edition) (Have a Comment?
Getting Our Act Together For America ... The November eighth Presidential vote is coming soon. The votes will be cast and either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be our next President. (See Page 9, October 6, 2016 Edition) (Have a Comment?
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Statement on Proposed Bayer-Monsato Merger ... The proposed merger between German pharmaceutical and chemical giant Bayer and U.S. biotechnology giant Monsanto would create the world's largest supplier of seeds and agricultural chemicals. (See Page 9, October 6, 2016 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Another For-Profit College Folds ... Picking the right college isn’t a fun process. Whether you’re a high school student eyeing your next step or a bit older looking to improve your career, the cycle of researching dozens of schools, preparing lengthy applications, waiting to hear back, and then figuring out if you can even afford it seems endless. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Union-Made Miracle on the Hudson ... In their ongoing, all-out assault to crush labor unions, corporate forces have fabricated a cultural myth to undermine popular support for labor. (See Page 9, September 29, 2016 Edition) (Have a Comment?
Terror - Again ... After the most recent (multiple) terror attacks several commentators were quick to point out that the process from ‘explosion to arrest’ took less than 48 hours. (See Page 9, September 29, 2016 Edition) (Have a Comment?
Bush 41 - Backstabber ... Is Bush 41 a backstabber? The Republican Party has carried his family throughout their entire lives. (See Page 9, September 29, 2016 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
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