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Why We’re Losing The War ... You’re forgiven if you haven’t kept up. Frankly, it’s not easy. But, amidst endless talk about taxes and healthcare, etc. we’re losing the war. Which war, you might ask? All of them. Let me explain, beginning with a test: Why did the US first get involved in Vietnam? Let that germinate while you read (the answer is below). (See Page 13, July 2, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Putting ‘Independence’ Back in Independence Day ... When we fire up the grill on the Fourth of July, few of us take time to consider what "independence” is all about. We live in the land of liberty. We celebrate freedom. But independence? The Declaration of Independence, approved by Congress on July 4, 1776, stated the case for breaking the bond between the colonies and Great Britain. But independence in the Revolutionary era meant more than severing a political connection. (See Page 13, July 2, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
It's a Different Day in America ... Americans celebrate our Independence each 4th of July. We have all kinds of independence in our country. We are free to kill unborn babies and free to legally marry people of the same sex. We are also free from the ritual of prayer in public schools. We are free to take all kinds of drugs in America as long as we have a doctor's prescription. We are free now to sit home while the government feeds us and provides us with whatever necessary healthcare we need. (See Page 13, July 2, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Donald Trump Distinguishes Himself ... We live in a time of stunning transformations. In recent weeks we’ve seen Bruce Jenner transition from a male Olympic medalist to Caitlyn Jenner, a selfassured woman gracing the cover of Vanity Fair. Then there’s Rachel Dolezal, the expresident of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP. She lived as a black woman until her parents revealed that she was not, technically, black. (See Page 13, July 2, 2015, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Protecting the Nation in the Information Age ... In 1948 Claude Shannon wrote a paper on ‘Information Theory’ and kicked off the Information Age. Since then our lives have been increasingly affected by what happens with all the ‘data’ surrounding us. And mountains of information are now held by the federal government. (See Page 10, June 25, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Guns in Church ... A faith group in our town recently held a worship event with about 350 plus people in attendance. They expected people from several states and foreign countries including Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana, United Kingdom and Canada. The International group came together in celebration of their Christian faith to worship and recognize academic achievement. (See Page 10, June 25, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
The End of a Grand Deception ... honest observers have been pointing out the failure of liberal policies in the inner-city neighborhoods of America. The ugly truth is that these policies have not merely failed. They have been toxic. (See Page 10, June 25, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Paying the Pink Tax ... You probably think you know about all the taxes you pay. Income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes — it seems like the list is endless. But there’s one tax I’ve been paying for most of my life that you might not know about. If you’re a woman, chances are you’re paying it too. It’s called the pink tax. (See Page 10, June 25, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Be Present On Father’s Day ... Sadly, too many Americans are growing up without the presence of a father. According to the U.S. Census Bureau 24 million children live in biological-absent father homes. The positive impacts of having dad around are numerous such as better social-emotional and academic functioning and fewer behavioral problems. (See Page 7, June 18, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Why Sam Can’t Win ... There is an old saw that ‘amateurs talk tactics, but professionals talk logistics.’ Said differently, tactics win battles, but logistics win campaigns. Great. But the US hasn’t won anything like a major war in a long time – 70 years. Korea wasn’t a win, Vietnam wasn’t a win, the Persian Gulf war of 1991 was only sort of a win (we stayed around for 12 more years, fought Saddam again, then stayed in Iraq for another 8 years, and now look at Iraq); and Afghanistan? Not yet a loss, but is it a win? (See Page 10, June 18, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Why Run for Office? ... I spend a fair amount of time talking to students and other young people about Congress and politics in general, and I've noticed something. It used to be that I'd regularly get asked how one runs for office. Nowadays, I rarely do. A lot of young people are repelled by politics; they've lost faith in the system just as many other Americans have. (See Page 10, June 18, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Spies, Lies, and UBL ... There was a story last month, from Mr. Seymour Hersh, that the Usama bin Laden (UBL) raid was rigged, that Pakistan was playing us, UBL had been a virtual captive, at the right time Pakistan Intelligence ‘gave him up,’ etc., etc. Some thoughts… Many people don’t like Mr. Hersh. I don’t know Mr. Hersh but some of his stories are amazing; he may have some things off, but invariably we find out much of what he says is right. (See Page 10, June 11, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Solutions to America's Problems ... Reform disabled Social Security. Don't ask the government to give you money every month if you are not truly disabled from making an income. You can receive it at age 62 or 66 like most other Americans. Reports of crooked attorneys, doctors and even judges abound when it comes to abusing the Social Security system. (See Page 10, June 11, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Defeating ISIS: Hope is Not a Plan ... Last February, contradictorily named Presidential spokesman Josh Earnest, in an eloquent and obtuse statement said: "Given the pace of success that we’ve seen in the first six months of this strategy, we would anticipate that three years from now the threat that is posed by ISIL will look different than it looks now.” Whether he thought the plan would be working well if we hadn’t eliminated ISIS (aka ISIL) in Iraq in three years wasn’t made clear, but, in a revealing statement last week Earnest said the US would provide support to Iraqi forces, but: "The United States is not going to be responsible for securing the security situation inside Iraq.” (See Page 10, June 4, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
The Battle of Sedan and the South China Sea ... In 1870, German forces, under overall command of Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke, attacked French forces in Alsace Lorraine as part of Chancellor Bismarck’s grand plan for German unification. The war was planned as a limited war –no heads of state were threatened – and was focused on a quick ‘land-grab’ and then a ceasefire and peace treaty. Planned by one of the foremost military planners and commanders of the latter half of the 19th century, and overseen by Chancellor Bismarck, the war seemed a sure thing. (See Page 8, May 28, 2015 Edition) (Have a Comment?)


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