In Praise of Pragmatism ... As you watch the healthcare proceedings on Capitol Hill, imagine what things might be like if we lived in more functional political times. In particular, what if Congress were run by pragmatists? (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
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Going After the Opioid Profiteers ... Travis Bornstein never told his friends about his son Tyler’s drug problem. He was too embarrassed. (See Page 10, March 23, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Medical Care Answers For America ... Medical care continues to dominate our attention in this nation. I hope we don't have millions of people without health care in the next year or so. However, in reality we already do. (See Page 10, March 23, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
The President is Fooling Himself. Is He Fooling Us Too? ... Some people who attain high public office grow in their position of trust. Some, however, just bloat. (See Page 10, March 23, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and the Nuclear Threat ... While the nightly news and the major newspapers stir themselves into a frenzy over mostly trivia, real problems continue to fester: North Korea has nuclear weapons. Three administrations (Clinton, Bush, Obama) believed that negotiations and agreements would change the minds of the government in Pyongyang. They were wrong. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Getting the Brush-off on Health ... The Republicans just introduced a new plan to "repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act, or ACA — aka Obamacare. The rollout came after many members of Congress caught an earful from constituents trying to stop them. (See Page 12, March 16, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Preserving Life, A Little Longer ... I've assured my wife that I will do everything to save and preserve her life should she ever be in a life and death scenario. (See Page 12, March 16, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
The Problem With Too Much Information ... The job of being a citizen — and being a member of Congress — has gotten much harder of late. As sources of information proliferate and "news" not actually grounded in fact grows common on social media, Americans have to work to sort reality from fiction and insight from disinformation. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Aerospace is Making America Great Again ... SpaceX just launched ten Iridium Communications satellites into low-Earth orbit. These satellites will beam phone and data service to tens of thousands of Americans who live or work in areas too remote for regular coverage. (See Page 12, March 9, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Would the Kind People Please Stand Up? ... I'm missing people. In recent years I have eulogized my wife's father's funeral as well as her mother's funeral this past January. This weekend I will do the funeral service for my mother-in law-from my first marriage. (See Page 12, March 9, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
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America Needs Mentors and Life Coaches ... A growing career industry across the country is life coaching. People are actually going into private practice opening offices and spending hours every week giving direction to people. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
It Is Time to Get US Out Of The UN ... After years of the United Nations being exposed as a means of establishing a one world communist government, now there is a real hope that we actually can get out of the UN. (See Page 10, March 2, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Wall Street Hopes You’ve Forgotten The Crash Already ... Remember October 2008 — the bank bailouts, the spiking unemployment rate, the stock market free fall? (See Page 10, March 2, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Beating Cancer Shouldn’t Force Patients Into Bankruptcy ... Liza Bernstein survived breast cancer three times. But it took all she had. She lost her home and savings to the costs of tests and treatments. She's not technically bankrupt -- but that's only because she "couldn't afford the fees" to file the claim. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
The Threats to Our Representative Democracy ... With so much turmoil in Washington and around the country these days, it's easy to get caught up in the crises of the moment. (See Page 8, February 23, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
AMAC Calls for Peaceful Opposition to Violent Protestors ... "Anti-government protestors seek to disrupt the work of our nation's elected officials on a scale never seen before," says Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens. (See Page 8, February 23, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
The Banksters Are Free at Last ... Of all the people suffering economic pain today, who should get priority attention from the new president and Congress? (See Page 8, February 23, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
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