A Coming Collision? ... Saudi Arabia’s heir to the throne, Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman sent an interesting signal last week: in a startling - but not unprecedented - action, MBS arrested 18 rich, powerful Saudis. Of course, this kind of activity isn't unprecedented. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
The Best of Times, The Worst of Times ... Charles Dickens opened A Tale of Two Cities, perhaps his most famous tome, with the now iconic line, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” (See Page 10, November 16, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
FDA Can Help Vulnerable Patients Take "Last-Resort” Medications ... Imagine you're diagnosed with a rare cancer. There are no FDA-approved treatments. But after frantically searching the internet, you discover hopeful news -- a pharmaceutical company is developing a possible cure. (See Page 10, November 16, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Celebrate Local Businesses on November 25th ... Growing up, I would earn a quarter per chore – a quarter each for washing dishes, dusting, sweeping, and more. I pocketed the quarters, hopped on my bike, and rode four blocks to the main thoroughfare in my town of 1,000. (See Page 10, November 16, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Women Veterans Serve Nation Finding Success in Service and Out ... As we close out October’s National Women’s Small Business Month and enter National Veterans Small Business Week 2017 (Oct 30 through Nov 3), Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper stated, "Humans are allergic to change." (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Sutherland Springs - Church Is Not Safe Anymore ... Our hearts go out to the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas. The First Baptist Church of this town and the entire community was ambushed in what resulted as the worst mass shooting in Texas history. (See Page 8, November 9, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
What Real Tax Reform Could Look Like ... Most Americans have a beef with taxes. And it’s no wonder. (See Page 8, November 9, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
How to Know If You Are Alive ... In an age where so many people spend so much time sitting or who are doing nothing let's celebrate the people who are doing something. Celebrate their living. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
OneVirginia2021 on Governor and Lt. Governor Races ... This year’s elections for Governor and Lieutenant Governor will determine who is in control of those offices during the 2021 redistricting process in Virginia. (See Page 8, November 2, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
The Melians and the Kurds ... During the Peloponnesian War Athens gave an ultimatum to the people of Melos (a small, neutral, but strategically located island-nation): the Melians must become a vassal state of Athens or be conquered. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
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An Independent Thinker’s Guide to the Tax Debate ... For 40 years, tax cutters in Congress have told us, "we have a tax cut for you.” And each time, they count on us to suspend all judgment. (See Page 8, October 26, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Revenue Flow From Power Lines Varies From State to State ... Transmission projects announced during the last 10 years are now beginning to come online. Combined with new wind and solar installments, these projects have become important pieces of the economic puzzle. (See Page 8, October 26, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
America’s Pain - Tomorrow You? ... Northern California is suffering with some of the worse fires in that state's history. Twenty-three people have been reportedly killed with at least 285 people reported missing. Communities and over 170,000 acres have been burned. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
More Education Needed on New Crop Insurance Option ... For many years, farmers across the country have purchased crop insurance policies as a way to manage the risk of a yield or income loss. (See Page 8, October 19, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Morning Coffee and Healthcare ... Do you enjoy a hot cup of coffee at dawn? So, how’d that Sumatran coffee get to your grocer? How did the farmer arrange for the beans to be picked up and moved to a warehouse? (See Page 8, October 19, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
So Many Tax Lies, So Little Time ... In most cases, it’s best practice to cut through the media noise and go straight to the source to understand what’s happening in public policy. Donald Trump’s tax plan is not one of those cases. (See Page 8, October 19, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Europe Un-Unified ... Amidst the horror in Las Vegas, many Americans - understandably - may have missed an event in Europe that might change everything: a Catalonian referendum to secede from Spain. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Sodsaver Program Could Be Extended ... This week, the American Prairie Conservation Act was introduced. This bill strengthens the protections for native prairies and prime grasslands that were established in previous farm bills. (See Page 10, October 12, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
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