The Refugee Crisis and Western Civilization
By Peter O’Brien

An astute friend of mine put it succinctly: Europe is in trouble.

The issue is the rush of immigrants from Syria towards Europe, one of the unintended consequences of Europe, and the US – the current administration – failing to develop a coherent policy to the problems in Syria.

It’s been pointed out the numbers are, in fact, insignificant; Europe faces, perhaps, 1 million refugees, while Europe’s total population is more than 400 million. 1 million more or less, it’s argued, is simply not significant.

But consider: while there’s a long and steady drumbeat that the US murder rate is higher than most countries in Europe, the numbers not often discussed are the violent crime rates. In all but a few countries in Europe the violent crime rate substantially exceeds that of the US. In Great Britain, the violent crime rate (number of violent crimes for every 100,000 people) has for years consistently run 3 or 4 times as high as the US. In most years, the US violent crime rate wouldn’t breach the top 10 in Europe.

One striking example is Sweden, which not only has a violent crime rate more than twice that of the US, Sweden has become, over the past several decades, the ‘rape capital’ of the western world. In fact, worldwide, only Lesotho, southern Africa, has a higher rate of rape. In 1975 Sweden, fewer than 6 rapes were committed for every 100,000 people. By 2014 67 rapes were committed for every 100,000 people.

Why is violent crime so high in these countries? Again, Sweden seems to point the way. Strictly speaking, the problem in Sweden (and Europe) isn’t immigrants; the problem lies in their policies.

In 1975 Sweden made a deliberate change in their laws in order to promote greater immigration. In part, this was necessary. Sweden’s birth rate had fallen to one of the lowest in Europe. Sweden needed to do something to attract people.

But what Sweden didn’t do was tie immigration to a simple standard: people coming to live in Sweden needed to become Swedish; not simply Swedish legally, as in mere citizens of the Swede. But to adopt the culture, the social norms and standards of Swede; to, in short, assimilate. But the Swedes never made any serious effort in that direction. Instead of insisting on assimilation, in language and in culture, in where and how they lived, the Swedes, at the vanguard of the diversity movement, built neighborhoods where immigrants were given homes, and allowed to continue their native culture. Every effort was made to allow the immigrants, most of whom were from North Africa and the Middle East, to remain physically, culturally and intellectually separate.

Their culture, their civilization, was (and is) allowed to grow and flourish. Where and when its come in contact with Swedish society, crime rates have soared. All at the expense of Swedish culture (and at the expense of Europe’s).

No one is against helping refugees. And no one wants a replay of earlier refugee crises, stretching back many decades, where refugees were not given safe harbor, but were turned around and sent home, only to be imprisoned, abused and often killed.

But, that’s not a call for Europe, for the West, to commit cultural suicide.

Immigrants and refugees should be welcomed by Europe – and by the US – under simple rules: obey our laws, conform to our rules, become part of our society, accept our ways, and you are welcome. The United States was, for two centuries, hailed as ‘the great melting pot.’ But, in the diversity fashion of the last several decades, that moniker has been cast aside, denigrated as civilizational prejudice, even racism. It isn’t. It is, instead, simple recognition that we prefer that the way we live remain, indeed, the way we live.

The message must be simple: you may come and live here, but you must follow our laws and customs; indeed, you must adopt our culture, and our laws. If you intend to remain apart, we’ll provide you aid, but you must live somewhere else.

At its root, the issue is that simple. For the folks who make the rules in Europe, the politicians and bureaucrats, who don’t view Western Civilization as superior to any other civilization, who don’t view the culture, the society that has been built up, brick by brick over the last several thousand years, as special; your effort to destroy Europe is working. But, whether you’ll survive the collapse remains to be seen.

So, my pal is right, Europe is in trouble. Unfortunately, so are we.


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