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Fish News | Yorktown Tides Chart | August 7,2014

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It is clear that striped bass populations have been in a downward trend since the epic fishing we had several years ago. Due to this, we expect to see much stricter striped bass regulations in 2015. Most welcome this but there is a question about it being done fairly. Planned reductions are being based on the 2013 season, a year in which Virginia took a 14% reduction while other states did not. A question being asked to the ASMFC is that why is not 2012 being used as the baseline so all states share equally in the catch reductions instead of piling on the Chesapeake Bay region, adding to the 14% reduction that was just taken here. The ASMFC will meet in Alexandria, VA on Aug. 5:

Fish image2 7aug14The CBBT remains the flounder hotspot with limit catches being common and some true doormats being caught. The flounder bite is pretty good at all of the normal flounder spots but it is the CBBT where the best catches are being made. Good catches are still being made inside the seaside inlets, on Hampton Bar and inside the York River. Big sheepshead are also being caught at the CBBT along with triggerfish and spadefish.

Triggerfish, spadefish, flounder and some nice sea bass are being caught over some of the coastal wrecks. Hop around a bit until you find a wreck that is loaded. Trolling small spoons over and around these wrecks will produce catches of Spanish mackerel and small bluefish. Spanish mackerel can be found along the oceanfront and throughout the lower bay.

Cobia fishing remains excellent with both sight fishing and chumming being productive. While chumming, big red drum are not an uncommon by-catch. Sight casters are finding schools of big red drum and jack crevalle while searching for cobia near the mouth of the bay. Puppy drum remain active on Poquoson Flats and up in the shallows inside the rivers, inlets and in the Mobjack Bay area. Speckled trout have been a by-catch in this fishery. The speckled trout season reopens on August 1 but remember that the bag limits have changed to 5 fish with only one of which may be 24 inches or longer.

Fish image1 7aug14Offshore, the billfish bite is good and there are dolphin being caught. Yellowfin tuna are not a consistent catch but there are some tuna around. Overnight boats have caught a few swordfish and there is still the possibility of a bigeye tuna, especially at the Washington Canyon and points north. The best of the billfish bite has been around the Triple 0s area.

The PSWSFA Youth and Ladies Flounder and Croaker Tournament concluded this July 27. The winners:
Youth Flounder: 1st - Hayden Head 5.9lb, 2nd - Spencer Elford 3.9lb, 3rd - Taylor Simmerman 3lb 2oz.
Youth Croaker: 1st - Hayden Head 1lb 4oz, 2nd - Spencer Elford 1lb 2oz, 3rd - Madison Hunt 14oz (.875lb).
Ladies Flounder:1st - Amy Blow 4lb 4oz, 2nd - Ruth McCormick 2lb 2 oz.
Ladies Croaker: 1st - Diana Greasley 1lb 7oz, 2nd - Ruth McCormick 1lb 4oz, 3rd - Wendy Elford 1lb.

Report from Charles and Hunter Southall- Saturday, Charles and Hunter Southall fished Poquoson Flats on a rainy day and caught puppy drum. Hunter has been doing well on those fish all summer as he is getting in as much fishing time as he can before he is off to university!

Fish image3 7aug14Sunday, we spent a rainy day offshore. We started at the weather buoy and caught some dolphin and false albacore. We moved on out to 50 fathoms and did circles for the rest of the day. Stan Simmerman caught a nice wahoo. We had a good number of marlin encounters with white marlin coming in on the big baits. Sometimes, we were successful on switching them off to the right stuff. Others were just too quick and would be briefly hooked up on a big bait. We caught 3 white marlin and a roundscale spearfish. We had Joe visiting from Kansas. Joe had never been offshore before and he caught the spearfish. I don't think that he thought that the guys were serious when they said he was going swimming.


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