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Bruton Parish Presentation:
A Visit with Temperance Flowerdew
Submitted by Heather Rutherford

FDew imageThe continuing series of historic presentations sponsored by the Bruton Parish Guides Ministry will resume Wednesday, March 20, in the Parish House. Beginning with coffee and cookies at 6:30pm, followed by the program at 7pm, we will be treated to a visit from Temperance Flowerdew as portrayed by Kate Tilley.

Temperance was born in England in 1590 into the aristocratic Flowerdew family. In 1609, she married Richard Barrow and traveled to the New World aboard the Falcon in a convoy of ships destined for Jamestown. Temperance survived the "Starving Time" of 1609-10. It is not known when she was widowed, but in 1613 she married George Yeardley, who would serve three times as Governor. Together they had three children. Following Yeardley's death in 1627, Temperance married his successor Francis West. Truly the First Lady of Jamestown, she became one of the most influential and respected women in the Virginia Colony.

Kate Tilley received a B.A. in Theatre from DeSales University in Pennsylvania. She played Mrs. Shields at the Colonial Williamsburg Taverns and five other characters in CW's Evening Programs for almost three years. Kate has appeared in 35 stage plays and over a dozen short films and cable TV episodes. Recreating historical clothing when she wasn't on stage or on camera is what started Kate down the rabbit hole of researching colonial history. Since 2008 she has recreated garments for private customers, the James town-Yorktown Foundation, Colonial Williamsburg, and the 1st, 2nd, and 7th Virginia Regiments. Kate, her husband, and their two cats are lucky to reside in the Historic Area of Colonial Williamsburg.

Plan to join us on March 20 in the Bruton Parish House at 331 W. Duke of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg for an entertaining and informative evening!


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