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Editorial and Opinion Articles
The views and opinions provided on this page are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Yorktown Crier-Poquoson Post nor its ownership or staff.

Life, Choice and Roe v. Wade ... In 1973, the battle over abortion in this country was supposedly settled by the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision. But it’s not settled. The debate has been perking all along. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Can Society Survive Without Empathy? ... As anyone who keeps a household budget can attest, the unexpected happens all the time. A refrigerator evaporator fan motor fails. Some part on your car you never realized existed breaks down. (See Page 5, June 20, 2019 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Point | Counterpoint ... Each week, a team of commentators from the two major sides of the political spectrum are given a topic to write about. In 300 words or less, they are to explain their position on the topic, using evidence that has been vetted by our staff as verifiable, to support their answers. The opinions of the authors do not reflect those of the newspaper nor ownership, but provide a reflection of some of those within our community. If you would like to be a Point|Counterpoint Contributor, please send an email to the Editor-in-Chief at This Week’s Topic: Define the Legal Standing of Separation of Church and State. We present two articles: The Right’s Boogeyman at the Pulpit by Gordon Richardson and Separation of Church and State by Sue Long. (See Page 5, June 20, 2019 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Will We Fix Gun Laws or Let the Carnage Continue? ... I spent last Friday morning meeting constituents in Virginia Beach and the evening mourning the death of 12 people shot dead at the city’s municipal complex. Their deaths have robbed Virginia Beach of neighbors who served the community and their loved ones of countless future memories. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Conversation imageIran - To Deter ... On May 28, 2019 John Bolton, National Security Advisor of the United States, commented that the attacks - several weeks ago now - on 4 different tanker ships in and near the Persian Gulf were from Iranian mines. (See Page 7, June 13, 2019 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
The PostScript: Good Neighbors ... I am lucky to have good neighbors. It’s especially nice I get along with everyone because I spend so much time at home, sitting at my desk, looking out my window and pretending to write. (See Page 7, June 13, 2019 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Field Needs to Be Leveled ... Sen. Grassley and Rep. Fortenberry are standing up for family farmers in very tough times. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently announced they plan to release regulations this year addressing payments to family farms. These payments offer essential support to family farmers, but current loopholes are exploited by the largest farms. (See Page 7, June 13, 2019 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
We All Stand With Virginia Beach ... Like many in Hampton Roads, the military brought my family to southeastern Virginia. I was born in Norfolk and spent the majority of my life in Virginia Beach. Though I am now considered a "York County Transplant,” Virginia Beach will always be my home. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
2019 Memorial Day — Plus Two ... That long Memorial Day weekend – what a nice break! I don’t mean the welcome break from work or from day-to-day demands on our time. I’m referring to the long-overdue respite from the intense and incessant political discord. (See Page 9, June 6, 2019 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
MLB Players Are Getting Stiffed ... Major League Baseball has a problem on its hands: Teams are making record revenues thanks to massive regional cable deals. But more than ever, those teams aren’t signing players. They’re becoming cheapskates. (See Page 9, June 6, 2019 Edition) (Have a Comment?)
Dear Readers ... Thank you for your continued submissions for our Opinion Editorial ("Op-Ed”) page each week. At Yorktown Crier | Poquoson Post, we are proud supporters of the First Amendment and celebrate the diversity of opinion and experience throughout our community. This column is meant as a platform for you to express your thoughts, observations, and commentary. However, these pieces do not represent the positions of Yorktown Crier | Poquoson Post nor its staff. It is our goal to maintain the highest standards of ethical journalism while also encouraging thoughtful and respectful discourse among our readers. At Yorktown Crier | Poquoson Post, we do not discriminate based on age, race, religion, political leanings, sex, orientation, and gender identity. As such, we will not publish any Op-Ed submissions that could be considered offensive and are not in keeping with our standards for integrity. If there are any questions or comments, my e-mail inbox is always open at
Respectfully, Nancy E. Sheppard, Editor-in-Chief.
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