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20-0! Tigers Softball Ends Regular Season Undefeated!
By Martin Phillips

TigerU imageThe regular season is over. The regional and state tournaments are going to start soon. It is the post-season, you know the playoffs. Before that happened, the last few games had to take place. There was one big game that took place before this was going on, also. It was Tabb versus Jamestown in softball. The outcome of the game did not dictate who won the district or who was going to make it to the playoffs, it was Tabb’s game to lose. This was because if Tabb won they would end the regular season undefeated. It the opportunity for the Tigers to be perfect. Before that though, they had to face Jamestown.

It started out with fierce competition. In the first inning, first up to bat, Jamestown brought in five runs. It was 5-0 to start the game. That is a rather large lead especially to begin with. Tabb did not shy away. The Tigers responded immediately in the bottom of the first and also brought in five runs. They did the same thing! It was tied entering the second inning. It was looking to be quite the game.

Tabb made defensive moves. Whatever it was, the Eagles did not score again in the game. Their hitting was shut down. Tabb on the other hand kept things going. In the second Tabb brought in four runs then in the third inning they got three runs in, and in the fourth Tabb ran in five. By the fifth inning came Jamestown tried to have miraculous inning, but it did not occur. With the score being 17-5 it was ruled over by the mercy rule. The game was over, Tabb won.

Tabb High School Softball finished the season undefeated! They are 20-0! Tabb is entering the postseason as the #1 seed. The first regional tournament game is Monday. This goes to print on Tuesday, so it was yesterday. I do not have all the details, but I can tell Tabb softball won their first playoff against Colonial Heights 12-7! So they are 21-0!

On Wednesday they will play Southampton or New Kent for the regional championship, which should be at home! And for making it to the regional finals Tabb will be in states!! The season is far from over! Tabb softball still has more to say! A big congrats to them!


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