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Grafton Baptist Church Annual Car Show Fundraises for Orphanage Outreach
By Jim Newton

GBCShow imageGrafton Baptist Church in Yorktown was the site of the churches annual car show event held this past Saturday. In 2005 the church began partnering with and supporting the Russian orphanage known as "Kostoma”. Every June a team of from 5 to 15 church members embark on the long journey to the orphanage bringing with them supplies, crafts and, of course, bibles. Currently there are 18 children who call the orphanage their temporary home but as many as 28 orphans have been known to be housed in the facility at one time. In 2006 the annual car show event was held for the first time to raise money for the churches orphanage outreach.

The event itself consisted of cars ranging from a "souped-up” Volkswagen Bug to a full-on race ready dragster. Inside the church musical entertainment, including the churches worship group band was provided. Various crafts were also available for purchase. Drawings for prizes lasted throughout the day. A most blessed event for a worthy cause.


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