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Sentara Healthcare Warns of Possible Impostors
By Nancy E. Sheppard

SentaraI imageIn a press release dated June 28, 2018, Sentara Healthcare System warns Hampton Roads patients of imposters lurking in our community, presenting themselves as healthcare workers, preying upon the elderly, sick, and vulnerable.

The first incident occurred in Virginia Beach when a woman came to the front door of one of Sentara’s patients. She identified herself as a social worker and employee of the company. The woman asked for admission into the patient’s home and also to see the prescription drug bottles for the patient. When she did not provide appropriate identification, the patient’s spouse refused the woman entry into the home and the alleged imposter left without further incident.

The second occurrence happened in Norfolk when a patient received a call to her home from a woman identifying herself as a Sentara nurse, stating she would be at the patient’s home in 15 minutes. When the alleged "nurse” arrived, the patient’s family member allowed her entrance to the home, despite the woman not having appropriate Sentara identification. The patient was speaking to her Sentara physical therapist over the telephone at the time, who asked to speak to the alleged nurse. After a few moments, the "nurse” left the house and did not return.

The alleged imposter in the second incident is described as described as African- American female with a short bob haircut, wearing glasses, blue scrubs, and carrying a black or dark blue bag. It is unknown if the imposters were the same person or how they received contact information for the patients who were targeted. It is an ongoing investigation and no word if any Peninsula-area patients have been targeted at this time.

Sentara Healthcare states that all employees of the system are required to wear appropriate, company-issued identification badges. They urge that all patients and caregivers who find themselves in this situation to always ask for appropriate identification and deny entry to the homes if the circumstances are suspicious. Additionally, they advise patients and caregivers to call 757-553-3000 to report suspected fraud and call 9-1-1 if there is a fear for one’s safety.

Sentara Healthcare was founded in 1888 and has become one of the largest healthcare systems in Hampton Roads including hospitals, clinics, and affiliated medical offices in York County, Gloucester, Williamsburg, Hampton, and Newport News.


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