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Friends of Poquoson Public Library Essay Contest Winners
Submitted by Mary Taylor

FPPLE imageThe awards ceremony for the Friends of the Poquoson Public Library Essay Contest was held Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 7 PM, in the Poquoson City Council Chambers. This year's essay topic was "Diversity." The keynote speaker was Valerie Frisby, a Poquoson Elementary School 4th grade teacher. All finalists read their essays and received certificates and cash awards. Winners in the kindergarten division were Elliana Kananen (1st place), Michael Holloway (2nd place), Joshua Bolte (3rd place); in the primary school division (grades 1- 2) were Dean Purdie (1st place), Peyton Shafer (2nd place), Lauren Kresovich (3rd place), and Sarai Guerrettaz, Brody Mason, and Payton Crawford, (honorable mention); in the elementary school division (grades 3-5), Hazel Kananen (1st place), Oakley True (2nd place), Chase Zeno (3rd place), Avery Peshehonoff (4th place) and Molly Firth, Elizabeth Trant, Brooklyn Mason, and Kylie Simonds (honorable mention); in the middle school division (grades 6- 8), Jessica Mueller (1st place), Aurora McNamara (2nd place), Bethany Rogel (3rd place), Audrey Chou (4th place) and Sophie Young, Isaac Wines, Elizabeth Lamprecht, and Josh Green (honorable mention); and in the high school division (grades 9- 12), Zoe Ozoroski (1st place), Cassidy Spakes and Mayah West (2nd place), Alissa Delp (3rd place), and Haili Faircloth and Allison Palmer (honorable mention).There’s


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