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Demonstration Garden Planted at York County Waste Management Center
Submitted by Gail Whittaker

DemoG imageMonday, April 22 (Earth Day!) – The York County Beautification Committee and York River Academy Greenhouse Team broke ground on the York County Demonstration Garden at the Waste Management Center, 145 Goodwin Neck Road, at 12:30 p.m. Designed by the York River Academy Greenhouse Team, the garden was planted and is being maintained by the students (with support from staff of the Waste Management Center) and includes plants native to our area that support local ecosystems and that attract pollinators. Please see the attached photos of the students beautifying the space with plants and an "after” photo showing much improvement!

The students involved in the planting are: Keon Omkar, Carmen Piteo, Matthew Brewer, Athena Henderson, Gabe Smart, and Grace Knight. Their teacher is Veronica Warwick and principal is Walter Cross.


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