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Car Thieves Arrested After Wrecking Havoc in Poquoson
Submitted by Poquoson Police Dept.

CarT imageOn Saturday morning, July 7th, at approximately 2:15 a.m., Poquoson police officers responded to Charles Parish Dr. for a report of a possible stolen vehicle. While checking the area, a grey SUV matching the description given by the caller was seen, along with four other vehicles, leaving the area traveling south on Wythe Creek Rd. Officers attempted to stop the vehicles on Victory Blvd. Four of the vehicles turned onto City Hall Ave, three of which crashed, and the occupants fled on foot. Of those three vehicles, one was the SUV that had been reported stolen from Charles Parish Dr. The forth vehicle turned around and attempted to exit City Hall Ave onto Victory Blvd and, in the process, struck two Poquoson Police vehicles (No officers reported any injuries as a result of this accident). The vehicle continued to attempt to elude officers until it came to the end of Robert Bruce Road, where the occupants fled on foot. The fifth vehicle that was in the initial grouping was a yellow Chevrolet Corvette, which was later reported stolen from a Poquoson residence.

Later that afternoon Poquoson PD has was notified by Hampton Police that the yellow Corvette has been located and recovered in the city of Hampton.

With the assistance of York County Sheriff’s deputies, four suspects were detained and charged in connection with this incident. Additional charges are pending further investigation. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Poquoson Police Department at (757)868- 3501.


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