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Hampton Roads Nonprofit Veteran’s Kitchen Marks Milestone in Ending Homelessness
Submitted by Stefanie Brown

HRVK imageHAMPTON ROADS, Va. (July 13, 2018) - Veterans Kitchen, a Hampton Roads nonprofit organization, is preparing to place its 500th veteran into new housing within the next week. The organization strives to end homelessness among veterans and provide them with the tools they need to live a healthy and stable life.

Since 2014, Veterans Kitchen has partnered with the Department of Veterans Affairs to support homeless veterans in need as they get back on their feet and find affordable housing and employment. Created and operated by two retired military brothers, Rich Fraser, retired Navy and director of Veterans Kitchen, and Pete Fraser, retired Army Officer and vice president. Veterans Kitchen operates by its motto: "Restoring Dignity, one Vet at a time."

With support from Walmart, the Department of Veterans Affairs and others, Veterans Kitchen provides homeless veterans with basic necessities to set up a home. Veterans Kitchen raises funds by selling items outside various Walmart locations. In addition, Walmart has awarded the non-profit store grants and donated gift cards and merchandise.

The grants and donations enable Veterans Kitchen to assist veterans when they move into their new home by providing kitchen items needed to prepare healthy meals, including pots, pans, utensils, storage and cutlery, along with household items like shower curtains and hooks, trash bags, waste baskets, paper towels, toilet tissue and more. When financially possible, veterans also receive microwaves, slow cookers, coffee pots, toaster ovens and gift cards.

For the past several years, ending veteran homelessness has been a priority for both the VA and the State of Virginia," said Marti Chick-Ebey, LCSW, homeless coordinator Hampton VAMC. "Virginia now has the lowest number of homeless veterans per capita of any state. Our community partners are crucial to our success as they provide the items our veterans need so they don't just get housed, but feel at home."

"With the help of community supporters such as Walmart, Veterans Kitchen can continue to bring hope to the men and women who served in our military," said Richard Fraser, director. "Walmart understands that without these veterans and others like them, we would not have the liberties that we have today, and Veterans Kitchen is grateful for Walmart's ongoing support."


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