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Veteran Bikes 4,200 Miles to Yorktown for Widow Project
Submitted by Sean Dwyer

V4200 image(BUFFALO, NY) - Jay Blanchard, a Western New York military veteran and financial advisor, crossed the finish line this Saturday in Yorktown, Virginia, completing a 4,200-mile ultraendurance bike race to raise funds and increase awareness for programs that aid military widows.

Beginning June 2nd in Astoria, Oregon, the Trans America Bike Race (TABR) is the longest unsupported bike race in the world, taking participants approximately 25 days to finish. The nature of the race is unique as it forces racers to take a lone journey creating the necessity to rely on their own resourcefulness.

Throughout the race, Jay has tracked his daily progress on social media while providing various donation opportunities in support of The American Widow Project (AWP), a non-profit organization, and the Ride 4 Widows fundraiser.

A wealth manager at The Financial Guys, Jay served proudly in the United States Air Force for seven years as a Space Operations Officer. When choosing an organization to fundraise for TABR, the 56 year-old drew on his passion for helping people, especially military widows.

"My brothers-inarms gave the ultimate sacrifice and I will not leave their wives and families behind," Jay said. "We have the responsibility and obligation to help these women and children who, through no choice of their own, gave the sacrifice of their husbands and fathers."

To learn how to make donations and support organizations devoted to supporting military widows, visit www.Ride4Widows.com.


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