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Finnegan’s Flyer Opens at Busch Gardens
By Nancy E. Sheppard

FFlyer imageWILLIAMSBURG -- On Friday, May 3, 2019, Busch Gardens Williamsburg opened their newest addition, Finnegan’s Flyer, to the public. Located on the corner of the park’s Ireland hamlet, this S&S Screamin’ Swing model received a warm, jampacked welcome on its opening day.

After the lessthan- stellar reception from last year’s new ride, Battle for Eire, and anger towards the sudden closure of popular dark ride, The Curse of DarKastle, Busch Gardens Williamsburg needed a new attraction to soothe the wounds of these two missteps. Finnegan’s Flyer is bound to do just that. With a high capacity of 32 riders, this flat ride takes guests swinging over 80 feet in the air at speeds around 45 mph. Riders experience exceptional air time, thrilling views, and radical feelings of weightlessness.

The seats are very comfortable and have been manufactured for most body types in mind. Riders are held in by a lap bar secured by seatbelt and lean against a high back chair. The ride experience is just as smooth as it is exciting as the pendulum quickly increases to beyond-90-degree angles. For the ultimate thrill, I would recommend sitting on the side that faces the queue building. When swinging towards the Killarney Bridge, riders on that side stare straight down into the ravine that the bridge crosses.

FFlyer image2The aesthetics of this ride are very pleasing. It is painted in browns and greens so it almost meshes right into the landscape without obliterating the already gorgeous vestiges of the park. The swing seats are both green and orange, paying homage to the flag of Ireland. The queue line starts underneath a stone archway just to left as soon as you walk into the hamlet. The ride doesn’t make hardly a noise so as not to disturb guests not onboard.

Overall, this is an incredible – and much needed – addition to Busch Gardens’ already impressive ride line up. With the recently announced but details not yet disclosed for a major roller coaster in 2020, Finnegan’s Flyer definitely adds stiff competition to nearby parks while attracting thrill ride enthusiasts.

In short, Finnegan’s Flyer is exactly what Busch Gardens needed.


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