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Update on Marvin and the Poquoson 7-11
Submitted by John Hamilton

Marvin711 imageIn a previous edition of the Yorktown Crier / Poquoson Post, you may have read about Marvin Ward. He is a popular 7-11 manager in Poquoson who likes to dress up in costumes at various holidays. Marvin was sick and even spent some time in the hospital. While undergoing rehabilitation, Marvin sadly found out that the corporate people at 7-11 were going to transfer him to another store.

Well, this went over in Poquoson about as well as the attempt to build a Walmart store there, and you know what happened in that situation. Local citizens voiced their concerns and frustrations with the unpopular decision, and this author penned that earlier article. However, the good news is Marvin is staying in Poquoson after all! The decision was reached and announced on May 1st on Facebook by Sue Caldwell, much to the delight of the local citizenry.

Thank you to the corporate people at 7-11 for doing the right thing, and keeping this popular employee here in town.


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