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Tidewater Comicon ‘19 Brought Big Stars and Fandom Together
By Nancy E. Sheppard

TC19 imageVIRGINIA BEACH – On May 18-19, 2019, Tidewater Comicon held its annual convention, bringing together enthusiasts from every corner of the fan spectrum.

Boasting artists, artisans, organizations, and authors, like Hampton Roads' own Jeremy Rodden (creator and author of the Toonopolis series), fans got to purchase unique gifts, collectibles, and pieces that could only be found in this quirky collective. Attendees found a warmth with one another; celebrating in each other's elaborate cosplay, intermingling with others who shared their passions for the individual fandoms represented throughout the event, and a sense of community that is hard to find outside of an event such as this.

Each year, Tidewater Comicon attracts big name stars and this year was no exception. Among the celebrities in attendance were Johnny Yong Bosch, acclaimed voice actor and former Power Ranger, and Big Bird himself, Carol Spinney.

Organizations were on hand, representing every interest and hobby. Elaborate, handbuilt droids were driven through the long walkways between vendor booths, fans played virtual reality games at the ECPI booth, and they could even get a clean shave or a brand-new tattoo. No matter what your fandom or interest is, it could be found in this convention.

Tidewater Comicon is more than just an annual event, but a celebration of fandoms, a place to let your creativity and imagination run wild, and gives a sense of belonging to those who may not feel so otherwise.

Make sure you follow Tidewater Comicon on Facebook (@Tidewater Comicon) or their website, www.TidewaterComicon.com, to find out more information on future events and how you can attend. Also visit our Facebook page, @YorktownCrier, to watch footage of the 2019 event! Look for footage of Comicon compiled by Joshua D. Sheppard on our Facebook page!

Special thanks to Ryan Schafer for his help with this article and coverage of Tidewater Comicon!


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