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Water Country USA Opens East Coast’s First Water Coaster
By Joshua D. Sheppard and Nancy E. Sheppard

WCUSA imageWILLIAMSBURG - On May 24, 2019 Water Country USA opened Cutback Water Coaster, the east coast’s first-ever water coaster. Combining elements of a roller coaster such as rises, falls, and high-speed turns with elements of a water slide, Cutback Water Coaster looks to offer something different and exciting for thrill-seekers.

"This thrilling water coaster has it all, from speeds of a roller coaster to refreshing splashes of a water,” said Suzy Cheely, senior leader of design and engineering at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA. "Our guests are going to love this ride.”

Your Yorktown-Crier Poquoson Post team was on hand for the grand opening and had a chance to ride Cutback Water Coaster. We can assure you that it is both unique and thrilling.

Before entering the ride area, guests are weighed and arranged to make sure that they can safely fill the four-person rafts for the ride. When that is completed guests climb a gently-sloped hill and a few flights of stairs to the top of the ride. Once there, you board your green raft and get ready for an adventure.

Cutback Water Coaster wastes no time in providing thrills. After a short drop to gain speed, you immediately go into a high-speed banked turn. After that you hit the first of the ride’s three water jets which push the raft up a small hill, providing an experience unique to this ride. A few more highbanked turns and two more water-jet fueled hills will put riders safely at the ride’s end.

In our experience, Cutback Water Coaster lived up to its promise of thrills, but with some caveats. First, be careful when wearing glasses and contact lenses on this ride. We would recommend wearing goggles. After your raft crests each of the water-jet accelerated hills, expect a wave of cold water to hit you from behind. This can easily remove glasses, hats and other loose articles from riders.

Second, after riding Cutback Water Coaster twice, though thrilling, the ride can seem slightly repetitive. In some ways the ride just leaves you wanting a little bit more. That is not to say that it isn’t fun, because it certainly is – it just could have been more. Fortunately, Water Country USA already offers a very impressive line-up of attractions to satisfy any level of thrill that you seek.

Third, your ride experience will vary depending on where you sit in the raft. When you’re in the very back, expect to be hit from behind by an incredible wall of water. If you’re in the front, you’ll be splashed face-first at every drop. For a wellrounded ride experience, we would recommend trying to sit in one of the middle two seats on the raft.

Another thing that must be noted, as with other attractions at the park, this ride is not handicapped accessible. Riders are required to climb several flights of stairs up a steep tower before boarding their raft. Cutback Water Coaster is worth a to trip to Water Country USA, and is certainly a welcome and unique addition to the park.

Right now, Busch Gardens is offering season passes to the parks for as low as $9.99 per month. For more information, visit www.BuschGardens.com. Also visit our Facebook page @YorktownCrier for exclusive footage of Cutback Water Coaster!


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