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Newest Jamestown-Scotland Ferry Boat Lowered Into Water For the First Time
Submitted by Nina Napolitano

FerryB imagePASCAGOULA, MISSISSIPPI – The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) ferryboat Powhatan is getting its first taste of life on the water this week after shipbuilders successfully launched, or lowered it into the water, for the first time.

The Saturday, August 11, launch marked the start of the final phase of construction before the boat undergoes sea trials, testing and mandatory U.S. Coast Guard inspections. Once it has passed the necessary tests,Powhatan is expected to travel to Virginia and join the fleet this fall.

"The Jamestown- Scotland Ferry is Virginia’s largest 24-hour, state-run ferry operation,” said VDOT Commissioner Stephen Brich, P.E. "This launch brings us one step closer to improving reliability for travelers between Surry County and the Peninsula.”

"More than 900,000 vehicles use the Jamestown - Scotland Ferry every year,” said VDOT Hampton Roads District Engineer Christopher Hall, P.E. "A modern fleet ensures we can continue to meet the future transportation demands of the Hampton Roads region.”

The double-ended, steel hull ferry boat can accommodate 70 vehicles and will replace the Virginia, which was built in 1936. The Virginia is only able to transport 25 cars on each pass.

Based on recommendations from Surry County and James City County, the Commonwealth Transportation Board voted unanimously to name the new vessel Powhatan in September 2017.


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