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May 30, 2019

Fishing Report - Red Drum and Cobia - May 27
Submitted by Dr. Ken Neill

FI 30may19Left the big boat in the slip this weekend and made a couple of short trips in the 20-yearold skiff that just keeps running. Yesterday evening, I ran over to the buoy 8-10 area and fished with live hard crabs on the bottom. Put out 4 rods, 2 go off. Catch a big red drum on one. The other has a little crab shell left on the hook. Put them back out, catch another big red drum. This is going rather well. Then all 4 rods go off. Well, there is only one of me so this is a problem. Get the first one in and then the second. Worried about the first one being in the boat too long so just leave the last two screaming drags and release the first two. Get the third and then the forth. Well, that was fun, wasn't going to do that again. Took my remaining bait over to Wes who was also over there fishing solo and ran back home at sunset.

Went out for an even shorter trip this morning. Ran across the flats and set up off of Plumb Tree Island. Caught 2 cobia and pulled off a couple more and came in for lunch. Both fish were released. The cobia season opens June 1 with the same regulations as last year: 1 fish per person, 3-fish per boat maximum, 40-inch minimum, only one fish may be over 50 inches. The gaff prohibition went away last year and gaffing remains ok. Pay closer attention to the required free cobia permit and mandatory reporting. Reporting is really mandatory this year and if you do not file your reports on-time, you will be out of the fishery next year.
FI2 30may19

Virginia Anglers Break Two State Records This Spring With Two Tremendous Catches
Submitted by Dr. Mike Bednarski

FI3 30may19RICHMOND, VA- Spring 2019 was a busy time for the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) State Record Committee. The committee reviewed and certified new state records for brook trout caught by hook-and-line and gar captured with archery gear.

On March 12th, Thomas Garth from Standardsville, Virginia landed a 5 pound, 15 ounce brook trout from Cub Run in Page County. Mr. Garth caught the trophy- sized trout with a fly rod using a minnow as bait. The fish measured 20 ¼ inches and was officially weighed at Martin’s Grocery in Harrisonburg, Virginia. After biologist verification and review by the State Record Committee, Mr. Garth’s catch was certified and is currently recognized as the Virginia State Record Brook Trout. The brook trout surpassed the long held record of 5 pounds, 10 ounces caught by Greg Orndorff in 1987 from Big Stony Creek.

On April 26th, Blake Deal from Nathalie, Virginia, arrowed a 21 pound, 13 ounce longnose gar with archery gear from Lake Gaston in Mecklenburg County. The massive gar measured 48 ¾ inches in length with a girth of 19 inches. Mr. Deal captured the fish while bowfishing near the Interstate 85 overpass and had the fish officially weighed at Bobcat’s Bait and Tackle in Clarksville, Virginia.

Mr. Deal’s catch was verified by a DGIF biologist, reviewed by the State Record Committee and is now recognized as the Virginia Archery Fishing State Record Gar. Jonathan Owen and Joseph Baer were co-holders of the previous record with each angler separately capturing longnose gar weighing 19 pound, 14 ounces. Mr. Owen’s fish was caught in 2016 from the Chickahominy River while Mr. Baer’s fish was captured in 2018 from the Rappahannock River. The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries would like to publicly acknowledge and congratulate Mr. Garth and Mr. Deal on their tremendous catches.

For more information on fishing in Virginia, please visit: www.dgif.virginia.gov/fishing/


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