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Colonial Williamsburg’s ‘Occasion For the Arts’
By Jim Newton

WOFA ImageLast Friday a grand celebration began in Colonial Williamsburg. It was the 50th annual "An Occasion for the Arts” event. The kickoff for the affair began at 6:30 p.m. and featured the music of Jose Lorenzo & Timbasol La Original. Guests ate, drank and mingled with the attending artists who came from all over the country to attend this year’s event. "An Occasion for the Arts " began in 1969 with only 23 artists. Last weekend’s event featured 145 artists from more than 25 states. The festival was divided up into 5 main areas: There was the Visual arts show represented by well-known artists in such diverse media as ceramics, drawing and pastel, glass, jewelry, painting, photography and sculpture, a student art show represented by more than 30 area schools, performing arts featuring music and dance, literary arts attended by over 50 authors and publishers and culinary arts consisting of local restaurant fare as well as the courtyard festival tent where wine and craft beer could be purchased. Special recognition at this year’s event was given out to Carlton Abbott, an artist who has been taken part in all 50 shows. The huge success of this year’s event can be attributed to the executive committee consisting of Stuart Honenberger, President, Nancy Wigley, Vice-President, Tim Caviness, Treasurer, Yuri Adams, Secretary, Sue Donaldson, Historian and their staff and those volunteers who made this year’s event possible.


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