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After Bringing Destruction to the Florida Panhandle
Michael Hits York and Poquoson as Tropical Storm
By YCPP Editors

After making landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida as the third most intense hurricane (by pressure) in recorded US history, the storm tracked up the east coast, with the path eventually crossing right over the Virginia Peninsula.

Wind gusts as high as 70 mph were reported on the Peninsula as Michael actually reintensified as it passed over North Carolina and Virginia. The storm’s pressure dropped from 992 millibars to 986 millibars. This caused stronger winds as it came over our area. This reintensification of Tropical Storm Michael was potentially fueled by a strong cold front and humid Mid-Atlantic last week.

Down trees caused numerous power outages and road closures in York County and Poquoson. Dominion Energy reported up to 600,000 customers had lost power.
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