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February 7, 2019

Fishing Report: What the Hake? and Sea Bass
Submitted by Dr. Ken Neill

FI 7feb19We went out after tautog a couple of times in late January and caught some. Not too many and not too large. We were anticipating the opening of Virginia's sea bass fishery. This is a special one-month fishery, highly regulated, and designed for data collection. A special, no-cost permit is required, reporting is mandatory, and you must tell VMRC when you are fishing so they have the opportunity to have a biologist meet you when you return. All this is due to efforts to collect data on this wintertime fishery that we once had available but has been closed for years. When we have asked federal managers to reopen this fishery, one objection has been that no information was known about this "Wave 1" fishery. VMRC stepped up and basically said we'll get you data if you will give our recreational anglers a winter season. So for the second year now, we have this "trial" one month fishery.

We spent the first two days of this season out on the ocean. We caught a 5-person 75-fish limit on February 1. Two of our fish were heavy enough to earn trophy fish citations of at least 5 pounds in weight. Yesterday (February 2), we caught a 6-person 90- fish limit with more meeting citation minimum. We also caught multiple bluefish each day and we caught a 9-pound hake. We need to figure out what species of hake it is to determine if we have another world-record or just more good fish to eat.

We were met at the dock each day by a very friendly VMRC biologist who measured and weighed a selection of our fish. Today, we're watching the Super Bowl. We'll be back out there next weekend.

http://mrc.virginia.gov/ for more information about this and other Virginia fisheries.
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