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Tigers Girls Basketball #RaisetheBar and Win to Earn First Ever State Semifinal Appearance
By Martin Phillips

To be honest, most winter sports have concluded. The spring ones will be here in a couple weeks. However, there is one team is still fighting, one time who is in the state tournament. That team is the Tabb High Girls Basketball Program. The entire season they were undefeated in the district with one loss from one out of district game, breezed through regionals, and this past weekend played their first game in the state tournament. How did it go? Let’s review, shall we?

Tabb played Culpepper county at Orange County High School in Orange, Virginia for the state quarterfinal. It was a neutral site, though Culpepper may have been a bit closer. Orange Virginia is above Charlottesville and right next to Blue Virginia. Culpepper is close to Northern Virginia and close by Chilipepper Virginia. Okay, those were jokes; point is, it was a weird neutral site because it’s the state tournament.

Tabb entered the game having a record of 23-2 while Culpepper County was 16-10. It was obvious to say to looked as if though the Tigers were favored in this matchup, although upsets can happen at states. Well, it did start off with Tabb controlling the game. The Tigers scored more than half their opponent did. In the first quarter Tabb made 13 points while Culpepper made 6 and in the second it was 13 to 4 points. That made the halftime lead 26-10 for Tabb, which is a pretty good lead.

It happens many times in sports, after a halftime break teams realize their mistakes, get motivate, readjust, and go back out and compete more. That is what Culpepper County did. The team stepped it up after the half outscoring Tabb in double digits. At the end of the third quarter Culpepper had made 15 points while Tabb made 9. That big lead was becoming thinner. A comeback was a-brewing, the Tigers had to stay on their game or else their season was finished with.

Tabb did stay on their game, but so did Culpepper County. It was a pretty even matchup. Both squads never really backed down. It was almost identical, Tabb score 15 points, Culpepper scored 15, when the time ran out, Tabb was still up by ten points. The final score was Tabb 50-40. The Tigers are going to the state semi-finals; the first appearance in school history!! The team’s head coach tweeted about his team’s success ending with #RaisetheBar. I think we can agree the Tabb Girls Basketball team is raising the bar higher and higher each game.

Tabb will play Hopewell Tuesday night in Petersburg. For those who keep up with girls basketball, Hopewell is the team that beat Tabb in the conference tournament. It will not be an easy game. Tabb has been through a lot and learn a lot since that game, it’s going to be a different outcome this time. Let’s just say, the bar has been raised


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