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Hopewell Ends Tabb’s Hopes in State Semi-Final
By Martin Phillips

This week was pretty important. A new age is starting, where have you been?! It is was this week where Tabb girls basketball was in the state semi-finals. It was the first ever appearance in school history! The Tigers have been calling shots all season, losing two games, winning the district, and now states. Every year the team gets better. There has been one opponent that put Tabb to the test, Hopewell. Hopewell beat Tabb in the regional playoffs by about twenty-something. To make it the states Tabb had to beat their biggest nemesis; that’s right, Tabb had to play Hopewell in the state semi-final game. The match-up took place on Tuesday March 6 at the neutral site of Petersburg.

Tabb had never gone this far previously. This all kinda new to the team. I am not trying to make excuses or anything… what I’m trying to say is, Hopewell dominated this entire game, even more than last time. It was not the best thing to view if you were a Tabb fan. In the first quarter Hopewell out shot Tabb eleven points to three. That does not sound too bad until the second quarter when Hopewell made twenty one points and Tabb made six. That meant the halftime score was 32-9.

When the second half started, in the third quarter, Tabb did make double digit points reaching ten, but Hopewell kept making points up in the twenties making twenty two. The last quarter calmed down a bit, Hopewell shot thirteen as Tabb made five. This made the final score 67-24, Hopewell. As like before when these two met up, Tabb had trouble with turnovers. Tabb lost the ball a lot and the Hopewell Blue Devils took advantage of it. It was not the best way, but this was how Tabb girls basketball end their season.

This not the most endearing, cheerful story to report, but it happened. Still the Tigers has a lot to be proud of, making it all the way to the state semi-finals and only losing three games the entire season. As stated previously, the team gets better every year. Tabb will surely see Hopewell or some other time, in the states next year. Tabb girls basketball really did raise the bar.


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