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Do We Want the USMCA?
By Sue Long

Do we want the USMCA – a treaty/agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada?

I have no doubt but that President Trump has America's best interests at heart. To his credit, he signed off to take us out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade agreement that is detrimental to America's best interests. Also, he campaigned on getting us out of NAFTA for the same reason.

Thus, we could question why has he now come up with USMCA, which is to replace NAFTA, but which also has many of the bad aspects of NAFTA, plus more. It could be because he has trusted Robert E Lighthizer, his trade negotiator. Lighthouser is a twenty-three year veteran of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Also, Wilber Ross, his Secretary of Commerce, has said that TPP should be the foundation on which NAFTA should be renegotiated.

The CFR has a history of promoting programs which would destroy American independence and advance global organizations and governing bodies with the ultimate goal of having a one-world government. Thus, depending on advisors who have that mind set will inevitably result in outcomes that are beneficial to globalist's goals.

No doubt there are some good features in USMCA, mainly those affecting trade. But, we must consider that trade is only a part of the document. There are many issues that are definitely otherwise.

There is a section on Labor that has dictates for businesses requiring them to address "the opportunities of a diverse workforce, including: ... promotion of equality and elimination of employment discrimination in the areas of age, disability, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity ... and protection of migrant workers." All of these are unquestionably unconstitutional and far removed from the free enterprise system our country has enjoyed and to the prosperity which has been the result.

Another subject covered is migration, which is more accurately called an invasion. USMCA could serve as the mechanism for an invasion similar to what has happened in the European Union. To quote USMCA, "No party shall adopt or maintain ... a measure that ... imposes a limitation on ... the total number of natural persons that may be employed in a particular financial service sector or that a financial institution or cross-border service supplier may employ ... in the form of numerical quotas or the requirement of an economic needs test." And it requires us to "ensure that migrant workers are protected under its labor laws, whether they are nationals or non-nationals, of the country they are residing in." This clearly undermines control over our border security measures.

The USMCA sets up a Free Trade Commission to oversee the committees on: Agricultural Trade, Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures, Textile and Apparel Trade Matters, Customs and Trade Facilitation, Technical Barriers to Trade, Government Procurement, Transportation Services, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Intellectual Property Rights, State-Owned Enterprises and Designated Monopolies, the Environment, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Issues, North American Competitiveness, Good Regulatory Practices and Private Commercial Disputes. That pretty much covers every aspect of life.

USMCA sets up international dispute Settlement Bodies that have the inherent power to override our laws and courts. "The Parties shall establish by the date of entry into force of this Agreement and maintain a roster of up to 30 individuals who are willing to serve as panelists. The roster shall be appointed by consensus...Each...panelist shall: (a) have expertise or experience in international law, international trade". If you think it is difficult fighting city hall – how would it be taking on the unelected thirty bureaucrat "panelists" who will rule on what we are allowed to do according to international law.

And, ultimately, the most egregious of all is that USMCA would be a step in the process of establishing the North American Union (NAU) which is the merging of America, Mexico and Canada into one governing body. America would be defined only by a line on a map. There would be no constitutional protections of our God-given rights, no borders or immigration restrictions, no preservation of our culture. We would be citizens of the NAU.

This would evolve, just as it has been done in what was once the continent of Europe, filled with independent sovereign nations, but is now the European Union (EU). Being sold on "good trade agreements", the various countries relinquished their sovereignty bit by bit until now they have none left. Once sovereignty is compromised a country is on the path to the loss of that country.

We are a resilient country. We can and have survived many challenges with determination and honor. But, if we lose our sovereignty, we lose America and all the greatness it has been.


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