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Early Season Soccer Matches Update
By Martin Phillips

ESSM imageThis being spring break I did want to get some soccer news in. There have not been match write-ups about them yet. Here is just some recap of some outcomes of soccer matches that happened last week. In both boys and girls soccer the area is doing pretty good.

York girls soccer had an out of district game, playing Heritage. The out of district setting did not intimidate the Falcons. The halftime score was 7-0, Falcons. By the end of the game the score was 8-0. The scorers were Tornatore, Paschall, Jenkins, Anderson, Thomson, and Rocheleau, the heart of the game, scored three different times. York went into spring break feeling pretty good.

The Grafton girls played an out of district game as well and though did not win as largely, the girls still ended up with a W. It did not come easy. The game was tied 0-0 at halftime. It was not until the second half when Schuetz got a goal in. The Clippers protected their goal and won.

I do not have all the stats for these games, but Tabb girls soccer beat Phoebus 9-1. Poquoson girls beat Kecoughtan 3-1. Tabb boys beat Phoebus 11-0 and York boys tied with Cox 0-0. All the soccer teams started the season very well. Each are doing successful.

But after spring break is when the out of district games stop and in the district games begin. The 11-0 wins may not occur. It may take another week for these teams to play each other. Further away team like Bruton and Lafayette are played first, but it’ll happen in April. Soccer is all doing well…for now! Stay tuned.


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