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2nd Sundays in Williamsburg Begins Anew
Submitted by Jim Newton

2Sunday imageThe popular Williamsburg 2nd Sundays Festival was supposed to have begun its new season for 2018 on March 21st but was cancelled due to cold and rainy weather. Last Sunday, though, the weatherman cooperated and under clear blue skies the fun event was once more set in motion.

2nd Sundays was the brainchild of patron of the arts, Shirley Vermillion. Having spent a number of years living in the Pacific Northwest, Shirley had grown fond of the numerous street festivals that were always taking place in the Seattle area where she lived. After moving to Williamsburg in 2001, Shirley became aware of the many artists and musicians who were local residents whom she thought should have a venue to show off their talents. She pitched the idea of closing off the 400, 500 and 600 blocks of Prince George Street to Chef David Everett of the Blue Talon Bistro. He agreed, and with the blessing of the City of Williamsburg, the festival was launched in June of 2010.

Last Sunday those in attendance were treated to the music of acoustic guitarist and singer, Nick Shact and the rockin’ blues of The Scott Kale/David Waltrip band among others. There was an abundance of arts and crafts to purchase to the delight of discriminating buyers who made their way up and down the aisles. But for those who just wanted to relax they could just sit outside of Aroma’s coffee house and enjoy the passing scene while sipping on a latte.


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