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Poquoson Teachers of the Year Recognized
Submitted by Lenna Reimers

Deborah Blackstock was selected as the teacher of the year at Poquoson Middle School and for Poquoson City Public Schools. She currently teaches 6th grade U.S. History and has fourteen years teaching experience with the last nine in Poquoson. She was recognized as the division teacher of the year by the School Board Chair, Gary Carter, at the recent Board meeting.

At a recent Poquoson School Board Meeting, the Poquoson Art League provided checks to each of the art teachers representing the four Poquoson City Schools. The money will be used by the art department for materials and supplies or other needs.

Charlie French, Poquoson Kiwanis member recognized teachers of the year representing the four Poquoson City Schools at the April School Board meeting. They were presented with a certificate and a check for their use.
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