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Fundraiser to Help Peninsula Man
By Nancy E. Sheppard

FundR imageKevin Jenkins’ family and friends know him as a loving, reliable, selfless man who exudes his love for his wife, daughters, and grandson. Always extraordinarily healthy, avoiding many of the maladies that face us as we get older, his family knew there was something wrong when he started experiencing pain in his lower back and needed to go to the emergency room. After an assessment, he was told that he probably slipped some disks and that surgery was a possibility. However, Mr. Jenkins was working out in town at the time and the doctors assured him that an epidural would allow him to delay the surgery. Everything started to change the following week when his family received a call from a family friend, stating that Mr. Jenkins was taken to the emergency room. His wife and daughters rushed to the hospital. All three women having a nursing background and familial experience, they concurred that he must have had some sort of stroke. Once the doctors came into the trauma room, they seemed to agree that he suffered a hemorrhagic stroke. They ran numerous tests, trips to intensive care, rehabilitation, and outpatient therapy. Throughout it all, Mr. Jenkins maintained his positive attitude.

He seemed to be on the mend, even taking his grandson hunting. But within weeks, he started complaining of leg pain and headaches. His pain increased and then started throwing up. His family rushed him to the emergency room at Riverside Hospital. Though initially believing it was all due to the flu, doctors returned with dreadful news: they found a mass on his brain. Tests and biopsy showed that the tumor was midline and an inoperable, aggressive malignant tumor called a Glioblastoma. Mr. Jenkins made the decision to fight the cancer and do whatever had to be done. He is currently receiving radiation each day as well as 160mg of chemo therapy. True to form, Mr. Jenkins remains in good spirits as the community has surrounded him and his family with support.

As part of the community’s efforts to rally around Mr. Jenkins and the family, a fundraiser will be held at the Paradise Ocean Club on February 23, 2019 from 2:00 P.M. until 6 P.M. The event will include appetizers, a cash bar, a 50/50 with numerous goodies, merchandise like t-shirts and bracelets, and live music. There will be a small cover charge for the event. The organizers are also asking for donations from the community to contribute to the 50/50. For more information, please send a text message to 757-751-2547


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