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Poquoson and Jamestown Baseball Take it to Extra Innings
By Martin Phillips

Not many people know, especially if you don’t follow high school baseball, there are seven innings in high school baseball games. It is not quite as many innings as professional baseball. When games go to extra innings is almost like a pro baseball game. This past week when Poquoson played Jamestown, it was like a professional game and then some. The game was ten innings long. It started out like any normal high school baseball game would…

The first inning came and went. There were no points on the board. In the top of the second Poquoson struck luck, bring in two runs. That 2-0 stayed up on the score board until the bottom of the third when Jamestown was able to bring a run in. The Bull Islanders still had the lead, but it was smaller now. Only a single run was needed to tie.

That single run did not come right away. It was almost three whole innings before anymore points were added on. By that time it was not just one run, but two. The Eagles flew in two more points, putting them up by one. By the end of this inning it was about to the seventh. The game only goes to seven innings in high school. Poquoson had to get a run in or else it was going to be over.

They proved to be well aware when in the next inning Poquoson got a run in. The game was tied. No one was going to lose for now. In that beginning seventh inning the Bulls were not able to raise the score anymore, neither could the Eagles. The seventh inning was over. Baseball can’t end in a tie. There was going to be extra innings.

These added at-bats were slow first. Neither team had much going on. The eighth inning came and went, as well as, the ninth. By the end of that a full major league game had been played. Then came the tenth inning. The top of the inning Poquoson continued the cold streak. When the bottom of the inning came the Eagles lit fire, it was small, like a match, but a run came home. That was enough for Jamestown to win the game.

It was a heart break loss for Poquoson with top performances by Edwards who went 1-2 with 1 run and Holloway who went 2-4 with 1 RBI and 1 run. Jamestown became 9-1 in the district. They were definitely a challenging team. Luckily the season is far from over. Poquoson played Grafton at home on Tuesday April 24th at 4:30!


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