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Pirates Invade Yorktown!
Submitted by Jim Newtown

Last Saturday and Sunday Yorktown was invaded by those thieving marauders known as "pirates” who stealthily slipped into port flying the Jolly Roger ("skull and crossbones” to you and I). But it soon became apparent that there was nothing to worry about…indeed these shenanigans developed into the family event known as "Pirates Invade Yorktown”.

Whether you were a "landlubber " or an "old salt” there was much to see and take in at this year’s festivities. The little ones were allowed to grab a piece of Long John Silver’s booty or they could wander over to the pirate school and, wearing the not to be neglected pirates hat and eye patch, learn how to attack the enemy with sword and shield. Those youngsters who were especially daring could sail the high seas off the coast of Yorktown as shipmates of Captain Mayhem. But for those children and their parents who simply wanted to kick back and enjoy the event there were "sea shanty” sing-a-longs in the grand tent for all those who wished to participate. Not to be missed at this year’s program were the cannon demonstrations featuring the "swivel” small projectile cannon and the larger cannon nicknamed "Reason”. Due to the loud explosive sound of the "Reason” when fired, there was every "reason” to cover one ears. All-in-all, a festival worthy of proclaiming "Yo, Ho, Ho!
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