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Tabb Softball Appears Unstoppable in 15-1 Blowout of Lafayette
By Martin Phillips

TabbSB imageTruth to be said, softball may not be the most popular sport, in general even. There are even those who do not care for baseball whatsoever; to some it may sound blasphemous. No matter if you enjoy baseball, softball, or similar kind of sports; you should really do yourself a favor and watch the Tabb softball team play. They are undefeated and are blowing their opponents out of the water, or diamond. Tabb has played other successful teams in the district and won. Right now the Tigers are looking unstoppable, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are still many innings of ball to be played. Tabb is doing well though.

The Tigers played the Rams of Lafayette this past Friday. They started off with a simple start. After Lafayette did not get any runs, Tabb started off bringing in two runs. The top of the second the same result happened except this time Tabb had three runs come in. By the third inning Tabb was up 5-0. That’s a solid lead, especially so early in the game. Nothing could compare what the Tigers did in the third.

Tabb had a huge inning in the third. They doubled their score. I mean five times two equals ten! Yes, Tabb put up ten in one inning. It was a miracle for the and dreadful for Lafayette. Going into the fourth it was 15-0, Tabb. After so much excitement, the fourth calmed things down a bit. It was 0-0 from both teams. In the fifth Lafayette got a run in, but couldn’t reach what Tabb had done. It was deemed fair to just end the game by mercy rule. It was a 15-1, Tabb win.

Sydney Jacobsen had a spectacular performance four runs and five RBIs, Madelyn Morinec did well also with three runs and two RBIs, Emily Gavin had two runs and two RBIs,, and the whole team was able to get on the board. Tabb did a great job again. The Tigers play a Smithfield team with only three losses. It looks like a challenge, but who knows? Tabb has prevailed through most challenges this season so far. This could be the year of Tabb softball!


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