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Fishing News and Tide Chart
February 21, 2019

Fishing Report: "It’s Diminishing”
Submitted by Dr. Ken Neill

FI 21feb19I had told my crew earlier in the week that I didn't think it looked good for the weekend but I was leaving it up to them. If they thought there was a weather window, I'd go. Johnny Boyd was the only one smart enough to say that it looked too rough. The others must have gotten to him because dark and early Sunday morning we were all at the boat. I asked if anyone had actually looked at the forecasts and they said yes, "it's diminishing". It was too dark to really see when we left but I could make out a line of white water across the inlet. I said that does not look good and they just said that it's diminishing. It did not diminish and I need smarter friends but we did make it out there. Stan Simmerman caught our one sea bass to qualify for trophy citation. The bluefish were not as bad this trip. We caught a lost blueline tilefish which was released. The dogfish were worse but we still managed a nice catch of sea bass. We were met at the fuel dock by VMRC fishery personnel who measured and weighed our fish. We were then met at the slip by VMRC law enforcement who counted our catch as we offloaded it. Amazingly, the guys had kept a perfect count out there. This February sea bass fishery has to be the most closely monitored recreational fishery ever in Virginia. We get a special permit. We call before we head out, call when we return, are met at the dock by VMRC and we also report our catch online. If this sounds like a lot, it is but it really has not been a problem at all. The VMRC people, both fisheries and law enforcement, have been super friendly and appreciative. They are making up for decades of zero federal "wave-one" catch data during this special fishery which has turned out to be a big science project. Being all for science, my crew is already messaging me that next weekend looks good.
FI2 21feb19


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