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Poquoson Exchange Club Recognizes Excellent Firefighter and Police Officer
Submitted by Anne Payne

PECR ImageOn July 22nd the Poquoson Exchange Club recognized our Police Officer and Firefighter of the year recipients for 2018. This project chaired by Exchange member Bernie Gore included reaching out to the Chief's and their staffs at each department to get information on possible nominees.

This years "Police Officer Of The Year" was awarded to Sergeant James Fox. Highlights of Sergeant Fox's 10 year career with the police department include becoming the departments first K9 handler as well as his work in initiating a program that would equip all members of the Poquoson Police Department with Naloxone, the drug used to counteract opioids in the body in the event of an overdose or accidental exposure. This program has been credited with saving the lives of two Poquoson citizens.

"Firefighter Of The Year" was presented to Firefighter/EMT Nicholas Allen who has been with the department for over five years. Firefighter Allen is credited with having such a positive work attitude that is infectious and found to spread to coworkers and is the type to volunteer for extra duty. Firefighter Allen is credited with taking extra training in Marine firefighting as well as peer counseling and in recognizing stress and in how to best facilitating discussions with coworkers who may be dealing with mental trauma.

Congratulations to Mat and Nick for jobs well done.


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