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FRA Branch 172 Yorktown Seeks Entries in Americanism Essay Contest
Submitted by Calvin Richardson

FRA172 ImageMembers of FRA (Fleet Reserve Association) Branch 172 invite all students in grades 7 through 12 to participate in the Association’s 2018 Americanism Essay Contest. Participants are invited to submit a 350- word essay centered on this year’s theme: "What Freedom of Speech Means to Me’’

This national contest, sponsored by FRA to promote a spirit of patriotism among America’s youth, offers a Grand National Prize of $5,000, with other recognition in each grade category.

"Each entrant must be sponsored by an FRA member or branch,” explains Cal Richardson, Essay Coordinator. "We’re proud to sponsor students, including those who are home-schooled, from the Yorktown area.”

Winners are selected at the branch level in each grade category, which are forwarded to compete in one of FRA’s eight regions. Regional winners are then forwarded to the Association’s National Americanism Committee, where first-, second- and third-place winners are selected in each grade category. The Grand National Winner is selected from this elite group of writers and receives a $5,000 cash award.

Essays must be legibly written or typed on one side of the paper and each entry must include a separate sheet stating the entrant’s name, address, telephone number, name of school (or "home schooled”) and grade, the number of words in the essay, and name of the sponsoring member or branch. Essays must be submitted through an FRA member or local FRA branch before the December 1st deadline.

To learn more about FRA’s Americanism Essay Contest, contact Cal Richardson at 757-870- 4813 or hmcm9toes@gmail.com or  https://www.fra.org/fra/web/event/Essay_Contest


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