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June 20, 2019

Fishing Report: Father’s Day Cobia
Submitted by Dr. Ken Neill

FI 20jun19Saturday, June 15 - I went chumming for a few hours today. Caught 5 cobia, missed some others, and let the biggest one break me off around the chum pot.

Sunday, June 16 - Ran out for a short trip this morning and was back in time for Father's Day lunch. Caught 2 cobia, broke off a 3rd. Second day in a row that I've let one get around the chum pot. You think that I would learn. All cobia catches are being reported to VMRC as required now.

On a side note for those that have not heard: the boats that fished the Norfolk Canyon area this weekend had good catches of dolphin, white and blue marlin, and what has everyone excited...yellowfin tuna. Some boats were in early with limits of tuna. The tuna ranged from too small to keep up to 80 pounds, so a wide range is out there.
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