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Poquoson Girls Soccer Squad Rolls into State Tournament
Submitted by John Hamilton

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The girls soccer squad for the proud Maroon and Old Gold of Poquoson tasted success this spring season, as the Lady Islanders advanced to the state tournament.

I spoke by phone on Wednesday, June 5th to second year girls coach Tom Weih (pronounced Why), who recapped the exciting season for us. At his day job, Tom is a Deputy Director of Procurement at NASA, and gets to travel to the different facilities. Coach Weih said the team had an outstanding defense, which kept the games close. The stalwart defensive line included Olivia Barefoot, Grace Jones, Reagan Walters, Kylee Adkins, and even Tom's daughter Camille Weih. Additionally, the team had a quality offense featuring a passing, ball possession type of system. Jessica Lewis was a standout on this offense, scoring 21 goals in 16 games, helping to lead the team to a 6-5-5 regular season record. Interestingly, coach said a turning point was a 0-0 tie to Smithfield on April 30th, as Poquoson found out they could hang tough with a larger 4A school.

A serendipitous occurrence took place this year when a German exchange student joined the team. Charlotte 'Lotti' Christoris stayed with Katie Robinson and her host family in Poquoson. She instantly became a star goaltender, although in Germany she played a different sport known as team handball. In a ninegame stretch she gave up a mere four goals, as she was assisted by her fine defensive players. Much to the sadness of her teammates and fellow Poquosonites, she is returning to Germany at the end of the school year.

The team's season ultimately ended in the quarterfinals of the state tournament, as the squad ventured all the way up to George Mason High School in Fairfax County. While the final tally was 3-1, Coach Weih made sure to mention it was much closer than the score indicated, as it was still 1- 1 in the late stages of the match.

If you are new to Poquoson soccer, coach says the team offers lots of energy, is exciting to watch on the pitch, and plays to win. Only three seniors graduated, and while they will be missed, he expects to have a strong team again next season. These soccer players are tough too. Only lightning cancels a game, as they play in extreme heat or rainy conditions. Coach Weih would love to have Poquoson fans come out and support the girls soccer team next season, as they make another push toward the playoffs.


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