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York County Historical Committee Honors Local African American History with New Book
By Nancy E. Sheppard

AAHBOOK imageYORKTOWN – In keeping with a new exhibit set to open at the Museum on Main (Street), the York County Historical Committee has published the first in a several volume series to commemorate the history and heritage of African-Americans in York County.

Compiled by several committee members and led by Lois Winter, this first volume covers the Colonial Period from 1619-1808, starting with the first slaves to arrive in the New World through James Armistead Lafayette. Full of imagery and direct quotations from primary and secondary source documents, this piece gives an invaluable view into an important part of York County’s history. To paraphrase Lois Winter, this series is necessary in telling the full narrative of York County, considering the area was built on the backs of slaves, and the wealth was as a result of their work.

The Committee hopes to publish future volumes to cover the Civil War and the 20th Century.

The book, entitled: "York County African American History: The Colonial Period: 1619-1808,” is available for $12.00 at the Gallery at York Hall, located at 301 Main Street.


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