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Fishing News and Tide Chart
September 20, 2018

Fishing Report - Baby Bluefin (Continued)
Submitted by Dr. Ken Neill

Yesterday, we ran the Healthy Grin with Dr. John Graves out in search of young-of-the year bluefin tuna. Basically, it is fishing for Spanish mackerel offshore. There are special research permits don't do this at home. We caught a bunch of little blackfin tuna...which look very similar to bluefin at that size...skipjack tuna, dolphin, bullet tuna, and a single bluefin tuna. So success, sort of. We also had 4 white marlin come in. Got bites from 3 (on ballyhoo, not on the little spoons), and caught 2. The science people come for the baby tuna. My crew comes for the bycatch.
NOTE: Text is from last week's report. Images are new.
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